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Throughout the Balkan region, prof. Pavlek is recognized as an expert in branding and experience marketing and has built up some of the most popular brands such as Čokolino, Vegeta, Dolcela just to name a few. He has been instrumental in bringing up numerous generations of students and professionals that are in key marketing and advertising positions today.


Zvonimir Pavlek, a renowned branding professional, educator, author and consultant approached us with the mission of creating his personal website. The idea was to develop a platform through which he could showcase his lengthy and successful career, as well as connect with potential clients in need of his consulting services. The question put before us was, how do you “brand the branding professional” and create a website that honors his achievements, style and specific identity?


Considering his extensive knowledge and experience, as well as his playful, passionate and energetic approach to life and his work, the challenge of creating and branding prof.Pavlek was even greater. An agency team consisting of our lead content strategist, user experience specialist, designer, developer, project and account managers was formed to delve into creating a website that would successfully transmit prof. Pavlek’s story to his target audience and allow him to share his knowledge and advice through a blog. We kept in mind that the website was intended as a place for entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing professionals to connect with prof. Pavlek and potentially establish new partnerships.The first step in the process was studying the work and style of prof. Pavlek and defining what differentiates him from other industry professionals. It was clear from the very start that we could not create an unemotional and overly minimalist website which is a style we often find amongst personal websites of industry professionals. On the other hand, creating a website that overemphasizes his playful and energetic personality ran the risk of lacking a “professional touch”.

It was clear from the very start that we could not create an unemotional and overly minimalist website which is a style we often find amongst personal websites of industry professionals.


The balance or the core of the website lay in creating an easy to use an architecture that gives visitors small insights into his biography and an opportunity to gain added value through his blog and downloads section. By intertwining a minimalist layout with specific dominant elements (typography, colors and photos) we wanted to indicate his professionalism, experience and qualities but at the same time his distinct and recognizable style. It was of great importance for us to use the visual structure of the website to emphasize his story because that is what truly differentiates him and makes him the expert that he is.
The content strategy structured the website in a way that allows users to read an entertaining biography of prof. Pavlek or access his blog and publications to gather useful knowledge through real-life examples. This structure also allowed users to discover just enough about the services he offers as a consultant that it would encourage them to fill in a contact form and hopefully meet him in person to discuss possible collaboration.
In cooperation with the client, we wanted to find the best possible model through which he could showcase himself and his experience but also develop a platform that would provide visitors with added value through white papers, blog posts and opinion pieces.
The effectiveness of this structure also relied on the work of our development team and SEO specialist who ensured that the website would in a very short time reach top organic positions on Google search. In addition, inquiries regarding marketing, branding and similar topics would bring in conversions in the form of a relevant wave of visitors.

Zvonimir Pavlek - Moj pristup


The final website became a platform through which Prof. Pavlek was able to share his knowledge through a unique Download and Blog section as well as showcase his own approach to consulting. In addition, the website achieved its primary goal as it succeeded in connecting him with potential clients and professional media which have already begun sharing his story through their own channels, thus spreading the brand that is Prof. Zvonimir Pavlek even further.

After an extensive career in marketing I decided to go forward with my personal website. Degordian was absolutely the right choice for me as they are a group of young, direct, friendly experts that quickly link into the client's insight. This is clear from the results - the website was featured at the very top of the global Awwwards list.

Prof.dr.sc. Zvonimir Pavlek
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