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Zipt is a mobile based application for VoIP communication that allows consumers to SMS and make international calls from their mobile phones with some of the world’s lowest call rates. Zipt has the ability to deliver crystal clear sound quality in low bandwidth areas covered by slower networks. Zipt allows consumers to retain their existing phone number, service provider and SIM card, with no lock-in contracts. It can be installed on any smartphone and doesn’t require a sim card to work. Zipt uses less data than similar products already available on the market, and is also compatible with Wi-Fi as well as all mobile network.


Reaching all members of the target audience on predefined target markets and encouraging as many app installs as possible while keeping the cost of installation under the value set by the client within the first three months of the campaign launch.


Creating a strong brand awareness in a market saturated with well-known messaging and calling applications such as Skype, WhatsApp and Viber.

Creating an efficient marketing mix that will lead to app installs while keeping the cost of installation under the value set by the client.

Creating and connecting analytics tools in order to optimize campaigns based on:


Defining targets

The primary step in creating the solution was to define initial target markets and target personas. Initial target markets were defined by the client, and were based on mobile devices and market research about apps.

Initial target markets:

Initial target markets were expanded during the course of campaigns to all Tier 3 and Tier 2 countries in the world.

Primary target persona:

Action plan - INITIAL PHASE

The main goal of this phase was to test the market before the application itself was launched. This campaign lasted for one month and was comprised of Facebook and Google advertising with the goal of getting as many users as possible to subscribe on client’s website. This campaign gave us a great insight of user interest for an app like Zipt on initial target markets as well as a good overview on how to expand to different target markets.

At the same time, we finalised the setup process for analytics and initial SEO. Further on, SEO specialists and content creators worked together in order to keep the website optimisation on a high level.

Action plan - LAUNCH PHASE

The main goal of the launch phase was to get as many app installs as possible while keeping the cost per install under the value set by the client.

Simultaneously, as a part of SEO activities, a blog was launched on client’s website and populated with new articles on a weekly basis. It was done to keep the website’s position on Google search high when users wanted to find out more about the app before installing it, and to have content ready for sharing on social networks in order to improve Zipt’s brand awareness.

Most of the work during this phase was done using mobile app install ads on Google and Facebook.

As the main purpose of the app is to call or message your friends and family regardless of the place you’re at, the network you use or phone connection they have, we used Facebook’s and Google’s advanced targeting possibilities to identify audiences that fit our target group best.

On Facebook, we used Facebook advance Behavior and Life Events targeting criteria to target:

All of these audiences highly match Zipt’s primary target persona.

On Google, we used contextual, interest affinity audiences, interest in market audiences, topics, and placement targeting possibilities to target people who travel a lot. We also used keyword phrases related to calling apps, cheap calls and long distance calls as there is a high probability that users who are searching phrases related to this topics are interested in Zipt.

Campaigns were then optimized and budgets were arbitraged towards better performing channels, campaigns and markets. In addition to that, channels, markets and campaigns were A/B/n tested.

Campaigns were tested on following parameters:

At one point, campaigns were live and running on more than 60 different markets with over 350 Ad groups on Google AdWords and over x Ad Sets on Facebook.


Results achieved by December 31st, 2015:

Client testimonial

To cater for strong uptake in our mobile communications application Zipt, we engaged Degordian to upgrade our back end operating platform and help create ‘Zipt Mark 2’. Degordian was instrumental in the delivery of Zipt Mark 2, on budget and in time to coincide with the commencement of our Global Brand Ambassador Campaign.

As our digital media agency, Degordian has been a key driver of our marketing initiatives helping Zipt to achieve 6 million downloads across the globe in less than 30 weeks. Degordian has been a key partner to ZipTel in the success of Zipt.

Umberto Mondello
CEO and Co-Founder
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