Creating a new communication strategy

Wiener Osiguranje is an insurance company that takes good care of their customers while also being an influencing factor in societal development. They continuously invest in theatres, galleries and other culturally significant points of interest. To educate the public about their services and CSR activities we created a new communication strategy under the headline “Here when you need us”.

The world’s clumsiest proposal

We kicked off the campaign by creating “The world’s clumsiest proposal”, a video showing a young man’s proposal attempt gone awry. We hoped the recording of the proposal would go viral in an attempt to demonstrate how sometimes in life things don’t go according to plan.

Using the momentum

The video caught on and got shared across numerous news portals in the region. We wanted to use the viral momentum and educate the audience about the necessity of planning ahead and “insuring” that things go according to plan. We also made sure that our young couple from “The world’s clumsiest proposal” gets a second chance to get things right, this time with the support of Wiener Osiguranje.


  • Media reach – 5 690 000
  • Video views – 224 505
  • Media budget – 0

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