The goal was to create a modern brand image of Vipnet telecommunication company in the young minds of Generation Z. Our main challenge was that Generation Z is known for not being loyal to brands and for valuing experiences more than things, so creating another hard-sell promotion campaign didn’t make sense. Also, it’s been proven that they don’t like commercials, but they do love to hear from their favorite digital stars — influencers.

That’s why we addressed them on YouTube, the channel they spend most of their online time on. Although they want to be YouTube stars, they don’t have the knowledge to become one, so we enabled them to acquire that knowledge by creating the first YouTube Academy in Croatia.

The lecturers were famous Croatian YouTubers who specialize in gaming, beauty, extreme sports and humor. Influencers shared their experiences and taught the viewers how to shoot, edit and distribute videos but also how to come up with the right ideas and communicate with the audience. In short, everything you need to know to become a YouTube star. The topics were covered in 19 lectures, 2 specials and 1 live quiz.

To reach as many potential viewers as possible, we used cross-platform communication. Every video was announced using rich formats on Instagram, Facebook and Google.

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