Adopt a new concept

Tomato recently simplified its offer, making it easier for their teen and young adult users to choose a telecom plan. With this seriously uncomplicated offer, the main message was “Rest your brain”, implying that deciding on a data plan for you phone should not be a grueling task.

Teens and young people use their phones primarily for fun. And we did just that – gave their brains a big ol’ rest.

Translate the message to social

We brainstormed on the “Rest your brain” message and came up with anti-brain games, very obvious puzzles, satisfying videos and just about anything that could effectively relax the hemispheres and make users laugh.


When you talk about the topics people care or identify with, they will certainly talk back.

Stay current, lighthearted and relevant

We took our quest for brain rest to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, and adapted them to best fit each platform. Millennials recognized the laidback message and responded to Tomato’s new fun movement.


  • Engagement rate up by 40%
  • Organic post reach growth 19x
  • Video views 250k



  • Followers from 0 to 607



  • Members resting their brain 260

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