Break complex solutions into simple elements

It’s easy to get technical when presenting an extremely complex product, such as RedSpy. That is why the utmost importance was placed on using visuals, animation, text and navigation to communicate RedSpy’s features and benefits in a way that’s simple, direct and easily understandable.

To present a product as innovative as RedSpy, the website itself had to be different and innovative.

Keep the same goal but modify execution

Instead of going the typical way and showcasing the product through a series of still visuals and accompanying text, RedSpy’s website showcases the product by using advanced 3d animation. It allows users to look into and interact with the product, and it works flawlessly on both desktop and mobile.

We presented the ideal of RedSpy’s accuracy and dynamics through website’s precise navigation.

Guide users with streamlined navigation

The navigation on RedSpy’s website was created in a way that would seamlessly guide users across all of the product’s important elements. It features a streamlined, but layered structure which builds upon itself and introduces users to new information and aspects of the product with each layer.

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