Camping Village Šimuni, home to crystal clean sea, wonderful beaches and divine gastronomy is a camp on the island of Pag (Croatia). Popular amongst tourists from across Europe it offers everything one needs for the ultimate holiday experience, a reason why so many keep coming back.


The goal of this project was to create a modern update to the classis paper based survey. The client wanted to be able to easily create and edit surveys and use them through a tablet app to seamlessly collects important data from tourists visiting the camp. Exporting and analysis of the data was defined as another crucial element in the project as the client needed to be able to collect and examine all the acquired inputs from guest to determine where and how to improve the camp.


The main challenge was to create an application that would allow the client to easily create surveys of virtually any size and easily export the data in a visually easy to use way and according to industry standards (CSV). The app had to be able to work in “offline mode” and be able to easily sync to the server on WIFI.

An additional challenge during the process was maintaining security as user had to be able to create surveys through a web based admin panel that was within a safe environment.


To tackle our main challenge we had to consider the context in which we were operating. The Camping Village Šimuni team had previously used paper based surveys to gather feedback from guests but this has proven to be rather ineffective since a significant amount of time was needed to collect the data, transfer it to digital format and analyze it.

android app

Our solution was to create an Android based mobile app that was intended for tablets. The idea was that that the app needed to have simple and intuitive design so that when Šimuni staff approached guests at the beach they would go through the survey quickly and with ease.

In the “background”, we created a web based admin panel that the client can use to create or edit surveys in a matter of minutes. Any changes created in the Admin panel are visible on the tablets in a matter of seconds; meaning that surveys can be improved on the go based on inputs from guests.

Since the camp provides multiple types of accommodation, dozens of services, various restaurants/bars and welcomes guests from different countries the app has the ability to simultaneously implement as many survey as needed. This apparently simple fact means the client can collect information covering different segments and different language groups at the same time, saving a significant amount of time.

Our solution allows the admin to create varied types of questions in order to collect different insights.

The available options are:


Launched in July 2016. the tool has been actively used throughout the camp to gather customer feedback on a variety of segments such as accommodation, gastronomy, events/activities, cleanliness and general camp organization.

In terms of results it is important to note the crucial benefit this app provides to the client is time saving since the creation of surveys and the subsequent analysis can be done in a very short time unlike with “traditional” paper surveys.

Finally, the big data collected from these surveys will be used to create in depth analysis, which will be implanted as real word improvements in the following seasons.

Since the beginning of our cooperation, Degordian team has approached us in a very professional way. In some segments of our business, they think two or three steps ahead of us. Degordian team is actively participating in our company development and ideas that we want to implement. The most important thing is that Degordian team is always available and accessible. They answer on emails in a matter of minutes wherever they might be. We know that we can count on them to be always up to date which is very important in our line of business. With Degordian we always have a feeling that we are their only client.

Mia Pavelić
Director — Camping Village Šimuni
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