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PVTistes.net is a Canadian-based website which gives tens of thousands of young people the opportunity to discover a foreign country and its culture while being allowed to work through a work permit or visa. Depending on the nationality, users have access to more or fewer destinations. The website guides users in their steps and offers free articles, guides and thematic files to prepare and succeed. It also has a special feature where users have the option to get an insurance policy while abroad. By opening a communication channel as a part of the website, the PVTistes platform enabled the creation of an online community where users can share their experience and references.

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List of awards


The existing website had many pages and a large number of active users and the infrastructure could not sustain the website's growth. We needed to keep the large quantities of the existing content while migrating to a new infrastructure. Also, the existing website was built on top of an outdated software which brought additional difficulty. Due to several dependencies on that software, the new solution had to be made secure and up to date with modern technologies on top of the old core.
Since the target audience is always on the move, we needed to create an easier and smarter way for them to stay connected throughout the day. With the introduction of mobile applications, a modern solution for handling the data had to be implemented inside of the existing ecosystem.

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We introduced a few special features for the website:

The platform was created on top of a WordPress CMS and a vBulletin forum with AngularJS and jQuery. While most of the page is built as a Single Page Application, the whole site is also server rendered to allow crawlers like Google and Bing to enable better organic reach for all the dynamic parts of the platform.

By opening a communication channel, the PVTistes platform enabled the creation of an online community where users can share their experiences and references.

We created an iOS and Android mobile apps that allow users to stay connected through these special features:



List of awards


List of awards


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