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Ožujsko is the most popular Croatian beer. It is produced by Zagrebačka Pivovara, the biggest brewery in the country and a part of Molson Coors Brewing Company. It's brewing tradition is more than 120 years long, and during that time, Ožujsko created a very special relationship with its fans.


The task was to completely redesign Ožujsko’s website and transform it into one that will delight a younger male population – proud Croats with a passion for sports and music who worship friendship above everything. The project itself was a story of opposites. Be innovative to appeal to the younger audience, but don’t lose the authenticity of the brand that its older fans know and love. Be true to Žuja’s whimsical spirit, but accentuate the significance it puts on the quality of brewing.

Nothing can be started without a well-defined objective, so we outlined three major points we wanted to achieve with this website.

Goals of the new website

1. Habituate brand communication
2. Delight users with the overall experience and special details
3. Present the quality of the beer through informal storytelling


The main challenge of this project was gathering and organizing information about Ožujsko’s story from different sources like social media, educations, workshops and brand’s internal archives, and finding a way of conveying it to visitors by combining the creative usage of technology, photos, videos and user interaction. At the same time, we had to think about the user experience, which had to be seamless on all devices.

Ožujsko production line shoot

Knowing the brand to the last drop

We researched usability principles, information architecture, design and content of all benchmark sites as well as a number of selected sites from food and drink industries.

Knowing all the ins and outs of the website’s topic was essential. Fortunately, we had an opportunity to learn about beer and the brewing process from Ožujsko’s professionals through a series of educational sessions. The research phase took quite a bit of time, but it helped us connect the brand with the goals we wanted to achieve.

Redefining a modern beer lover's experience

We incorporated all our departments into this phase to get the best possible outcome. We held brainstorming sessions that we divided into three sections:


User feedback was the most valuable insight and recognition for all the work we had done on the Ožujsko website redesign. It was a definite confirmation that our decision to change the aspects of website production process was an excellent one.

number of visitors increased by 80% compared to the previous year (old website)
duration of website sessions increased by 140% during the summer

Analitycs comparison

Awards and recognition

Besides user satisfaction and brand goals, our work on Ožujsko’s website was recognized by international communities of web design professionals.

CSS Design Award — Website Of The Day
Awwwards — Honorable Mention
Css light — Website Of The Day

Ožujsko website - web awards (awwwards, css design awards, css light)
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