Internet is a beautiful place. It changed our lives like no other great invention did. Unfortunately, it can also be a very scary place, especially to children who are not yet aware of the dangers behind the screen. Given the fact that the amount of inappropriate content, cyberbullying and identity thefts soared in the last few years, Wiener Insurance has been trying to find a way to address these issues. In a previous campaign they made a very useful brochure and held several panel discussions on these topics, but this time they wanted to have a bigger impact on parents. Our main goal was to find a way or a tool parents could use to educate their children about internet safety.


No other project in a parent’s life is more important than raising their child. When a child is born, parents’ working hours are 24/7 — a parent simply cannot afford to stop thinking about them and has to watch their every step. But as children are growing up, parents need to slowly let go of them and give them freedom to explore on their own and make their own mistakes. And that is not easy, especially because the consequences of some mistakes can be serious.

As a society, we felt the need to do something to get them to adapt to our world faster. Schools are here to speed up the process of “knowledge transfer” and traffic signs are here so that children could travel safely on their own. When thinking about this project, we realized that if we wanted to make children feel safer online, we needed to create a set of rules and signs they could use to manage their way in a virtual world.

Creative concept

The main challenge was to create a solution that both parents and children would understand. We took the traffic sign template, something they are already familiar with, and paired them with custom made emojis. By combining the two, we made a compromise between playful symbols and serious words, and created a universal language that helps parents educate their children without being too serious or boring. In other words, we made special traffic signs for navigating the roads in a virtual world.


The last step was deciding on how we will share the traffic signs with parents and children. Along with our partners (Dkmk, Carnet, Cert, Komunikacijski laboratorij), we created a landing page where parents could test their knowledge on internet safety and receive great advice from experts and famous Croatian parents. It’s impossible to eliminate all the bad from the internet, but at least we managed to find a way to talk about it with our children.


Getting the message to our target audience required a well thought out media strategy from our Digital advertising team. We created various types of ads on GDN, Facebook and Instagram, which generated over 9 million impressions. Our videos reached over 400,000 people and the video featuring Tarik Filipović stood out with over 50,000 views and 0.01€ cost per view.

It worked well for out target audience, but it also proved to be successful enough to win the Vienna Insurance Group award.

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