Upgrade users’ clubbing experience

LikeUs is a mobile application that provides users with the latest and most up-to-date content about parties, concerts, festival and other events. In addition to content updates, the app gives users real-time information about nearby open clubs and their events through its interactive map.

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We implemented gamification elements alongside the app content to boost in-app engagement.

Embrace QR technology

To simplify the app’s gamification component, it comes with an integrated QR reader which is used to scan receipts, collect in-app points and win rewards. This gamification aspect allows the client to stimulate users to visit certain clubs and locations where its promotions are taking place.

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To ensure that app provides users with content in real time, we upgraded it with geofencing tech.

Take advantage of location-based notifications

Geofencing enables the app to track where users are going and send them notifications with specifically tailored content when they’re near relevant points of interest. For example, if a user adds coffee and daytime events as his interests, he’ll get a notification about a new caffe bar when he’s near it on his way to work.

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