The Croatian Association of Communications Agencies, also known as HURA, is the leading industry association in the market communications sector in Croatia. Their members, almost 40 of them, are some of the best and most acclaimed Croatian agencies.


Working on the HURA redesign, we wanted to give the website a fresh and clean look that would accompany their new and playful visual identity. The main goal of the HURA website redesign was to define a clear and logical information architecture. After defining the information hierarchy, the main goal was to follow up on simplicity and clearness to ensure a good user journey.


HURA is a content heavy website and it needed to be designed in a way to respond to specific client and user needs. The website content is very versatile, it includes news on different topics, research and galleries, as well as content reserved for members only.

The final design needed to be:

Logical for all users, making it as easy as possible to consume and move around the web content
Simply editable, so the client can update content easily without affecting the good information hierarchy.


To fulfill all of the expectations, the design of the website is mostly based on typography solutions. We used the simple sans-serif typeface that would provide clarity and simplicity that we wanted to achieve. A special accent was put on clear typographic hierarchy to make all of the information easily consumable for users and consistent through all the pages. We also used a variable color scheme to categorise articles into logical groups.

The new HURA website has two levels of navigation for easier categorisation and access to content. The primary navigation is designed to cover general website sections, and to help them navigate more easily, the users are provided with either secondary navigation menu or in-page navigation while entering single pages.

The layout design is user-oriented, ensuring a clean overview without visual noise and easy content updating through CMS.

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