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Dukat is Croatia’s best known brand of dairy products and a strong regional leader. The company is loved by consumers and recognized for its dedication in producing healthy, tasty, fresh and innovative products. Under the well know Galbani brand, the company offers a wide variety of authentic Italian products ranging from the flagship Galbani mozzarella to Galbani Ricotta, Grana Padano, Mozzarella di Buffala, Gorgonzola and Mascarpone, with periodical updates of the assortment.


The overall goal was to create and implement a digital communication strategy to build awareness of the Galbani brand on the Croatian market and thus achieve the following:


The crucial challenge was to implement a digital platform that would allow us to reach the target audience (Women, 20-45 years old, interested in Italian culture and lifestyle, hedonism) by differentiating the Galbani brand in relation to more affordable competitor products.


At the time of our campaign the Croatian market was populated with several competitors of whom the majority where private label (store brands) that held strong market share. Interestingly, none of these competitors offered authentic Italian mozzarella, something that is the core of the Galbani brand.

With this in mind, we wanted to ensure that the target group was introduced to this important rational attribute. Nevertheless, as consumers do not base their decisions solely on rational factors we decided to base our communication strategy on numerous triggers and emotional attributes that could aide in differentiating the brand.

In terms of advertising, up to then the client had used short waves of TV and indoor advertising as well as POS activity. However, in terms of digital presence there were minimal activities that would connect consumers with the brand apart from a weekly Newsletter.

This led us to create a digital platform in May 2014 called “Tastes of Italy” (Okusi Italije) which was based on celebrating the Italian way of life by focusing communication on destinations, gastronomy, fashion, arts and traditions.

By using Youtube Pre-roll ads, Google Display ads and Facebook advertising we started building Brand Awareness which led to steady growth of our social media community. Regular and highly targeted post on Facebook inspired users to associate Galbani mozzarella (and other Galbani products) with amazing gastronomy, hidden destinations and unique traditions of Italy.

The growing community proved to be highly inspired by this storytelling technique with increasing engagement and active participation in the Photo Contest (Secrets of Italy) we published during the campaign. Fans shared their own photos of Italian gastronomy and destination ensuring even greater interaction with the brand.

The purpose of the storytelling methodology was to move away from the classic sales orientated approach and ensure that Galbani be more than just a gastronomical delight but rather a link to an inspiring lifestyle than many would like to experience.


In terms of social media KPI’s the online activity proved to be a huge success:


The online activity resulted in strong sales results, most notably:

With the majority of advertising activity focused on digital, the online community were crucial in ensuring that the brand overtake the previous market leader (private label brand) and in 2015. Galbani emerged as the leading mozzarella brand in Croatia in terms of market share, a position that it continues to hold to this day.

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