Social Media Management today isn’t anything like it was three years ago. New formats, channels and trends appear on a daily basis so you have to develop a Social Media Strategy that will be agile and have solid key components at the same time. Take a look at how we did that for Franck, Croatia’s market leader in the coffee and tea categories.

The Strategy

When creating a Social Media Strategy for a brand, you need to keep a goal in mind. Does the brand want to direct to the webshop and increase the sales or is the main goal spreading brand awareness? We recognized that Franck’s focuses were on showcasing their products and engaging with the community. When the goals are set up, the team of our Social Media Managers, along with Creative Strategists, work on finding the best creative solutions for each brand.


Another question to ask yourself is – how does your target audience behave on each Social Media Channel? Maybe there’s a channel they’re not even present on. We recognized that Franck’s target audience has a big presence on both Facebook and Instagram, but acts differently on each channel, Facebook being the channel everybody comes to have fun and interact with their friends, while Instagram being the one with the bigger focus on eye-catching visuals. When creating the posts for both Facebook and Instagram, we always have that in mind.

Visual is important

It’s not just about publishing cute photos, you have to put a thought into what’s the best visual way of representing the brand online. The first thing audience sees when interacting with your brand on social media is your brand’s photos and videos – first they see the photo, then (if it’s intriguing enough) they read the copy. This is our guiding thought when creating visual guidelines for a brand. Also, we think about how will the brand stand out among the others and what will be it’s distinctive look. For Franck we decided to use bright and lively colors on the photographs, and red, beige and white for the illustrations. Our team of Marketing Designers will create a digital brand book that includes every aspect of representation across various digital formats.


Keeping the community happy

Nowadays, people are used to getting all kinds of information from a brand without putting much effort into it. You can just go to Facebook and ask brand a question – it’s likely that you’ll get a quick answer. One of the most important parts of the job of our Community Managers is just that – answering questions received through social media channels. But their role isn’t one of the customer support. They engage with the community, talk about informal topics and entertain the fans, they use a specific tone of voice for each brand they work with and they know everything about their products or services. When talking to a Community Manager, you’ll get a feeling you’re talking to a brand itself. And all that with a short response time – you don’t want your fans waiting for the answer too long.

Measuring the results

How do you know if your strategy is working or not? You measure the results! Is your community growing, are your posts seen by a lot of people, do they engage with the content? By the time you set up your strategy you need to know what your goals are, and then you need to measure them, preferably on a weekly/monthly basis. Set up the KPI’s and adapt your strategy accordingly.


For Franck, we knew we wanted to grow our followers and engage with the community, so some of the most important KPI’s were follower growth and engagement rate. We often consult with our Digital Advertising Managers so that we know that our campaigns are set up in a best way possible to achieve our goals. In 6 months we gained over 115.000 fans on Facebook (4,5% growth), achieved over 5.130.000 impressions and 62.000 interactions. Our engagement rate grew by 6% in a period Facebook pages were dropping in the engagement rate by 20%. On Instagram, we gained over 6.000 followers (42% growth), achieved over 179.000 impressions and 35.000 interactions and the engagement rate grew by 258% percent.


Take a look at the video and see for yourself!

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