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Step away from typical travel guides

Instead of focusing on pristine beaches and crystal clear ocean as main triggers, users were stimulated to explore the website and book overseas flights through little-known facts about each of the seven destinations Lufthansa wanted to present on the Dreamscapes website.

We implemented special triggers to encourage users to participate and explore destinations.

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Transform the decision-making process

Users tend to continually return to websites and explore available offers and prices before they ultimately decide to buy a flight ticket. To adjust this process, copy and design teams worked in unison to find the best possible way to convey the website’s main story and keep the users interested.


unique website sessions

List of awards

Since life can get pretty predictable, we introduced surprising elements to enhance user experience.

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average time on site

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Dreamscapes campaign won a couple of awards in the tech industry and has garnered quite a lot of attention in terms of press and PR.

Degordian's development team is very strong, and we were all very impressed with what their teams came up with. They’re flexible in working with limited budgets, and they’re able to create a campaign that keeps our end goal and KPI in mind.

Chloe Ravat
Marketing Communications Manager (UK, Ireland, Iceland)

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