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The island of Pag holds many secrets - like Pag lace and famous Pag cheese, great natural beauty and unforgettable nightlife. One of the island’s secrets is Camping Village Šimuni. Situated in forested coves of the central Pag, Camping Village Šimuni is the pearl of the Adriatic and Mediterranean. Hospitable hosts, unbeatable offer and care for every guest are the assets of Camping Village Šimuni and the reason why guests keep returning every year.


The objective was simple – generate as many bookings as possible during the whole year while maximising ROI on all digital marketing activities. The secondary objective was to get customer insight for the client in order to improve the on-sight experience.


Croatia is big on tourism so online competition is very high and different markets have different seasonality regarding bookings. In this situation, the challenge was reaching the right target audience at the right time and promoting Camping Šimuni while keeping the lowest possible acquisition price for reaching business goals.


Camping Šimuni has become a very desirable type of vacation for upper-middle-class guests – managers, bankers, etc. They want to indulge in a relaxing vacation at a friendly location where they can put away their suits and enjoy beautiful nature, sports, food and have organized activities for themselves and their children.

The strategic idea was based on the implementation of the digital marketing cycle in tourism which we have created based on our tourism industry experience and results, type of the client and target groups. It is conducted through continuous activities at every stage of the cycle, which ensures the satisfaction of the guest from the creation of the demand until the sharing of the experience.


All activities were first linked to Google Analytics so their contribution can be tracked across different channels and platforms.

1. Creating demand

The first phase of the cycle is all about introducing the destination and everything it offers to visitors. We used a Facebook page and an Instagram channel to showcase all the beauties of Šimuni and create a conversation between family members or friends about their next vacation.

Seeing that the most common groups of guests are German, Italian and English, the communication on the Facebook page was in these three languages, as well as post targeting.

Besides post gating, most of them were promoted as well and targeted based on demographic, geographic and interests criteria. During this phase, we organized several different giveaways and promotions through Facebook applications to award faithful users as well as to give a push toward bookings through coupons and discounts for participants of promotions.

2. Satisfying demand

Now that the potential guest’ interest was sparked, we weren’t going to let them forget about Šimuni. We used Google Search as it is the most potent channel for direct demand satisfaction. Image Ads on Google Display Network and text ads were placed through remarketing and several newsletter campaigns in promoted special offers. Big contributing factor in having great newsletter campaigns results was segmented email database and emails in users’ languages.
Of course, every campaign needs optimization, so we implemented Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics to help us reach the best possible results.

3. Booking

Now, users have already been attracted and interested in our Facebook page and Instagram, and they used Google Search or some other channel to land on the website. Now the booking process should start and it must be as simple and easy as possible. Camping Village Šimuni stands out with their one-on-one approach, so we guide users to an inquiry for a custom vacation plan created just for them! In order to make this process more successful, we have implemented tools such as HotJar and Optimizely. With those tools, we can constantly seamlessly acquire user feedback and improve their experience to reduce bounce rate in the booking funnel.

4. The experience

For when the users become guests, we implemented an email marketing automatization process to make them feel as welcome as possible. Pre-stay emails consisting of information about the traffic, weather and reminders to contact the camp reception at any time. Post-stay emails in which we thank them for staying at the camp and ask them to fill out the feedback form. The last email is the one that increases positive user sentiment - a birthday card email.

5. Sharing the experience

For this phase, we suggested that the accommodation at Šimuni installs free wi-fi so the guests can share their vacation photos on social media channels. This way, the guests were basically doing the entire first phase work for us, but in a more impactful way because users still have more trust in word-of-mouth than self-promotion. Also, listening and responding to user feedback on TripAdvisor has proven to be invaluable as a reference point for many new guests that will arrive at Camping Village Šimuni in the future.


This continuous five-step process proved to be extremely successful for Camping Village Šimuni, especially when it comes to their sales results and social media presence.

Sales results

Compared to 2014, Šimuni recorded a 10% increase in bookings, which resulted in 40% more guests visiting the camp in 2015. It also had an extremely positive effect on Šimuni’s return on investment, as all of their Google and newsletter campaigns achieved excellent results.

Google Campaigns

ROI = 773%
For every 1€ invested, Camping Village Šimuni got 7,74€ back through booking.

Newsletter marketing

ROI = 402%
For every 1€ invested, Camping Village Šimuni got 4,03€ back through booking.

Social media

This process also helped Camping Village Šimuni become the largest Croatian camp on social media, with a rapidly growing fan base on all their channels.


Average monthly fan base growth - 12,5%


Average monthly fan base growth - 10%


For the implementation and results achieved through this process, Camping Village Šimuni received a MIXX award in the Direct Response and Lead Generation category on Dani komunikacija, the largest advertising festival in Croatia.

In addition to that, Camping village Šimuni was awarded with Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence for their overall increase and consistency in receiving positive reviews from users.

Marketing automation

Acquired feedback from more than 40% of guests resulting in a more than representative sample along with a positive sentiment increase

Since the beginning of our cooperation, Degordian team has approached us in a very professional way. In some segments of our business, they think two or three steps ahead of us. Degordian team is actively participating in our company development and ideas that we want to implement. The most important thing is that Degordian team is always available and accessible. They answer on emails in a matter of minutes wherever they might be. We know that we can count on them to be always up to date which is very important in our line of business. With Degordian we always have a feeling that we are their only client.

Mia Pavelić
Director — Camping Village Šimuni
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