total revenue increase

Simplify and streamline user journey

Because of the strong competition in Croatia’s tourism sector, the primary focus of this project was placed on creating a custom marketing cycle that targeted users in each stage of their journey. It revolved around 5 main actions - creating demand, satisfying demand, booking accommodation, experiencing the vacation and sharing the experience.

We pinpointed high-performing activities through testing, and based our strategy around them.

Use a mix of marketing activities to maximise results

Various marketing activities were used to achieve set goals. It was a carefully optimised mix of Facebook, Google, Instagram and newsletter advertising, as well as advanced Community Management which was used to give users that final push towards booking. This mix is the primary reason camp Šimuni achieved a 100% occupancy for 2017 in April.


achieved occupancy for entire 2017

To make the booking process as streamlined as possible, we fully redesigned Šimuni’s website.

Use the website as a primary booking hub

As the entire strategy led users towards Camping Village Šimuni’s website, it was redesigned from the ground up, so users entering the funnel would have a straightforward path to the final conversion. The main focus was placed on the booking engine, which is now upgraded with smart defaults and intelligently guides users through the booking process.

increase in overall bookings

Since the beginning of our cooperation, Degordian team has approached us in a very professional way. In some segments of our business, they think two or three steps ahead of us. Degordian team is actively participating in our company development and ideas that we want to implement. The most important thing is that Degordian team is always available and accessible. They answer on emails in a matter of minutes wherever they might be. We know that we can count on them to be always up to date which is very important in our line of business. With Degordian we always have a feeling that we are their only client.

Mia Pavelić
Director — Camping Village Šimuni
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