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Camping Village Šimuni is one of the most amazing camps in Croatia and a place where you'll find laughter, joy, happiness and entertainment. On one side surrounded by the mesmerising Adriatic Sea and on the other by beautiful pine trees, Camping Village Šimuni will show you the magic of camping on Pag, an unusual island shaped like a moon that's a home to some of the oldest olive trees in the world.

The camp has proven to be a favourite vacation destination for European middle class families and couples, as it offers its guests a wide variety of entertaining activities for both children and adults. In addition to activities, Camping Village Šimuni is also known for its personal approach to every guest, and that is one of the primary reason of Šimuni's family-like atmosphere.


The main goal of the redesign was to achieve an easier way of navigating through accommodation, camp offerings and activities. The goal was to develop a website that will make content accessible for users and increase the overall conversion in booking.





When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, keeping your online authority intact, whilst undergoing a full-blown website overhaul can be a major challenge. We carefully collected all historical data and mapped them 1-to-1 to the new website. The website’s content also underwent a series of tweaks and implementations, all in order to ensure that the rankings remain not just intact, but also increase.

Website performance results

Camping Village Šimuni experienced a major increase in conversions all across the board. Compared to the same period (February - July) last year, Šimuni recorded a 56.5% increase in total bookings and 39% increase in total booking revenue. Conversion rate increased by 53.4%, rising from 3.97% during the same period last year to 6.09% after the redesign. We also succeeded in making conversions more consistent for various accommodation options.

Organic traffic remained intact after the redesign, and the website saw an increase in both traffic and conversions, with 14.45% increase in number of organic visits, alongside total organic booking value going up by 27.4% and organic conversion rate increasing by 14.2%.

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