Housed inside the huge Val D'Europe shopping mall, the Aquarium Sea Life Paris makes an easy side-trip from Disneyland Paris and with more than 350 sea creatures to marvel over, it’s both fun and educational for the whole family.

And now they offer one new experience: an Antarctic Adventure! Visitors get to meet the 14 new residents in an interactive and immersive setting, and discover the secret lives of Gentoo penguins.

The task

Sea Life wants to enhance the new Adventure with attractive experiences for their visitors. The goal was not only to give a different perspective into penguins’ lives but to spur a stronger emotional connection with those magnificent beings, especially for kids.

The whole different experience

We developed five interactive applications that are placed around the penguin tank and give information to the visitor about the penguins in tanks and in general. All applications are run on big interactive screens to give visitors an opportunity to interact with these amazing creatures in a new way and find out a lot of interesting facts.

The apps are:

  • Researcher station – a video montage made of different live footages of penguins in their habitats across the world
  • Get to know the Paris Gentoos & Kings – an interactive app with profiles of the penguins who live at Sea Life Paris, includes info about the penguin and some images
  • Secret Lives of Penguins – pre-recorded videos of penguin colonies from different locations of Sea Life
  • Secret Lives of Penguins – live cam from the penguin tank
  • Candy Cane – an illustrated motion graphics video showing penguin life across seasons

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