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Fly me to the stars


About the client

Lufthansa is the largest airline in Europe, both in terms of overall passengers carried and fleet size. The airline puts the key qualities of reliability, safety, punctuality and professional service at the core of their operations.

Application concept

Main concept behind the app was simulating a traveling experience through an educational quiz about EU countries.


Simulating a traveling experience

Start a virtual journey in Croatia and travel Europe.


Provide a playing and learning experience

Learn about Europe´s countries through an interactive quiz.


Gratifying the user's advance

Collect score points, traveler status and souvenirs.


for the players

A chance to win an iPad or an airplane ticket to a EU destination.

Traveling experience

Users were asked a set of questions about the country they chose to travel to. This way our travelers had a chance to learn something new and raise their interest about traveling to a new place.

Ranking made interesting

It´s important to keep your players involved so we added interactive and gamification elements to encourage users to further play and explore.

Get that rank

Higher scores meant a higher rank and everybody wanted to be an Expert traveler.

Play, play, play

As players progressed, their scores grew higher thus motivating them to play even more.

Unlocking travel impressions

Once a user answered the questions about a country, he gained access to a bunch of travel related information about this country's cities, as well as a map showing all the places Lufthansa flies to.

Travel wishlist

Users could have created a list of cities they wish to travel to.

City recommendations

Travelers could share their travel impressions and read other players´s memorable experiences of a place they visited.

Collecting souvenirs

Users had the option of collecting souvenirs specific to each country.

Finding the right approach

We´re always looking for the best solution so we tested different landing pages to find out which layout works better for achieving more conversions.

A/B conversion testing

A change in the layout structure shot our conversion rate sky high.

Campaign results

Not only did Fly me to the stars entertain and educate users, but it generated some great end results!

21,651 total registered users
6,854 subscribed to newsletter
4,967 city recommendations
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