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The opportunity to contribute and prove myself through various tasks constantly motivated me to do better and take on more responsibility.

As a student starting out my career, I found this experience invaluable.

Internship programme

If you're a student interested in gaining work experience, here are a few fundamental things to know about the programme.


Academic variety is welcome

Our interns are students of various fields of study.


Work is purposeful

Interns have their own tasks and take part in projects.


Learning curve is huge

There is a whole team of experienced people to learn from.


Reliability is a necessity

Every internship requires dedication and taking on responsibility.


Work is compensated

Interns are paid for the effort and time they put in.

We love our interns and we cannot lie

We initiated the Internship programme to give young people an opportunity to pursue their interests in digital marketing, realize their passions and start their careers. They have a chance to work on real projects and the freedom to make their own ideas come to life-launch their own project or start a department within Degordian.

Taking part in the student community

We’re very active in the student community and closely collaborate with various universities. We give lectures and hold workshops, work with student organizations on many projects and organize internal projects as a part of our efforts on educating students about digital marketing.

Introducing real work scenarios

Sponge is an educational project centered around a specific field of expertise in digital. By applying knowledge in practical assignments, students can get a feel of what working in their chosen field is really like and pick the brains of colleagues who are already in the business.

Open internship positions

Apply for an internship

We´re always looking for new talent! You can apply for an internship position via our contact form.

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