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Every day I’m encouraged to do things I never thought I would have the chance and with the ceaseless support of my colleagues my ideas come to life.

Slaven Software developer, HR

I go to work happy because I love what I do, I enjoy the dynamic nature of our profession and I go home every day having learned something new.

Marin Digital designer, BiH

The thing I love most about working at Degordian is the lively atmosphere and all the friends I’ve gained who constantly motivate me to be better and work harder.

Kristina Account Executive, RS

Being curious is an attitude which I never lost in my long work time experience - my co-workers at Degordian are providing me this common sense for being curious and the environment for learning new things from day to day.

Karl Country manager, AT

Taking the next step in one’s career is a big deal and accordingly a bit nerve-wracking, so our selection process is all about making every candidate feel at ease and letting their skills, knowledge and potential shine.

We wish candidates to always be aware of a stage of the selection process they are in, so we make sure each part of the overall selection is straightforward.

Selection process stages

During the process you’ll get to experience our working environment, explore your own capabilities and learn more about yourself.


Sending your application

Look at your CV and motivations as an opportunity to present your experience and aspirations, not as a check list.


Practical assignment

Every position requires specific expertise, so it’s essential we see you apply your knowledge and demonstrate you fit the requirements.


Psychological testing

In our selection process we use psychological testing and interviews because they give us a more detailed assessment of your potential.


Final interview

The final interview is your chance to express yourself and convince us you’re the best fit for the job.

Knowledge is appreciated, but the potential you show is also very important. If you don’t know an answer, explain how you would get one. It’s the mindset that counts.
Mario Šimić Digital Designer

Open job positions

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We´re always looking for new talent! If you’re interested in a position that’s not currently open, you can always apply with a letter of interest via our contact form.

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