Working in a digital agency — 10 lessons from experienced marketers



Ever wondered what’s it like to work at a digital agency, what skills you’ll need and learn? We’re bringing you 10 lessons from our most experienced employees!

For our 10th anniversary, we asked ten employees who have been with us the longest to share the biggest lesson they’ve learned on the job.

 Daniel Ackermann, CEO

Daniel Ackermann
Alone by ourselves, young, with no agency experience — a lot has changed since Tomislav and I first started out. In this huge adventure, I was most impressed by Steve Jobs’s quote,

Stay Hungry, Stay foolish

There were remarkable moments throughout our history. 

The moment we had a growth of 700% a year, when we were in the top 4 most certified agencies globally, when we got the most best employer awards in the history of Croatian companies, the launch of Mediatoolkit and Bornfight. But as much as those were shining moments, I learned that we should never stop. Always stay hungry — no matter how well you do, try to be even stronger. Stay foolish — no matter how strong, be foolish enough to try new approaches.

 Tomislav Grubišić, CEO

Tomislav Grubišić

The most important thing I’ve learned is that if you want to achieve something, you have to have a vision of what you want. Following that, the most important thing is that you don’t give up and overcome any obstacle you encounter — and trust me, there will be many. A large part of our success is not giving up on the vision and not skipping a step on its path. 

 Petra Murgić, Human Resources Manager 

Petra Murgić

My best lesson is the importance of compatibility with your workplace — how much an environment that’s in tune with your affinities and values can further boost your growth and satisfaction. And of course, I learned that I could learn something new every day!

 Ivona Jurilj, Country Manager

Ivona Jurilj

The most important lesson I learned is that three things are essential for success in a digital marketing agency; team, education and curiosity. Every person, client and campaign is unique and should be approached as such. Only with the right approach are we able to overcome the most difficult tasks, challenges and reach the furthest goals. But if we don’t have the right team around us, we don’t invest enough in our education and don’t explore new opportunities, we will have difficulty achieving the same.

 Marin Brekalo, Digital Designer

Marin Brekalo

Do not give up! There were tremendous challenges that we encountered for the very first time, but at no time did it occur to us to give up. We gave it our all, and with learning more than just about our field, we managed to overcome every challenge. All your life is really about learning, so never give up. 

 Hrvoje Pilić, Head of Performance Marketing

Hrvoje Pilić

The lesson of working in advertising is that there will be a lot of firsts and they will never stop coming. Fortunately, I work with phenomenal people who like to learn, share their knowledge and new experiences so everyone can collectively learn from them. 

Ivana Trogrlić, Finance and Office Manager

Ivana Trogrlić

In our business, we can rarely afford the luxury of working on just one project, so learning to set realistic goals and deadlines is something that has benefited me tremendously. Also, I find that the secret to success is accepting that I need to do my best at this moment and not dwell on different scenarios.

 Ivan Tušek, Head of Content & Creative Strategy

Ivan Tušek

Seven years ago, we were a social media agency, and now we are a strategic and creative agency. The lesson is that, as with all things in life, change is necessary and natural, it brings forth enriching experiences and exercises you in new, better ways.  

 Boris Zatezalo, Client Service Director

Boris Zatezalo

The most important lesson I’ve learned in Degordian is that knowledge is a source of strength — it gives you the power to become a better person, to progress and eventually be appreciated and trusted by your clients.  

Igor Grmuša, Country Manager

Igor Grmuša

I want to point out a very precious lesson, and it’s about the strength and significance of a company’s culture. It intertwines all our relationships, processes and decisions. During my work experience before Degordian, I met and worked with hundreds of very respected companies, and I can say that very few of them managed to create the magic of Degordian.

Digital agency experience Summed up

Never stop trying new things and don’t let any obstacles slow you down or discourage you. Set goals you know you’re going to meet, embrace all the things you don’t know and learn because knowledge is your power. Find a digital agency whose culture you identify with, it will boost your professional and personal growth. And remember, always stay curious!

*Probably biased, but that was a 10/10. 




This practical joker and a performance oriented professional is named after an ancient legend. Loves trying out new things and works hard to make you curious.

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