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Ivan Radović

Motion Graphics Designer

Video will become one of the most important types of content for transmitting information over the Internet as there is a steep increase in demand and viewership. That’s a good enough reason to learn a thing or two about video production!

Numbers say that in 2018 all video formats will make around 80-90% of all consumer traffic. If you combine that information with the fact that video easily meets viewers’ needs for information and entertainment, it becomes clear that it’s necessary for companies to start using videos in their creative campaigns.

Campaigns which use video as a crucial element will often become very viral. This may be credited to the fact that YouTube is the third most visited site in the world with 1 billion unique visitors every month, making it the second largest search engine used for research, study and exploration. These people are constantly working on the expansion of your content using social networks, e-mail and other mediums, building up your community of followers.

So, as more companies use video, more companies without video production will remain unnoticed. And that, kids, is why we started a Foto&Video department at Degordian.

2 key facts about video

I’d like to emphasise the following facts. Simply put, they are the key points you must have in mind when thinking about about video production. I admit – they are not scientifically proven, but proved to be true during our work.

FACT No.1:

Users prefer video (it’s not really how facts works, but you get the point). ;)

Video conveys much more information and emotion than other media format since it contains characteristics of almost all other media! As an added bonus, it can do it in a much shorter period of time.

FACT No.2:

If an image contains 1 000 words, a minute-long video contains 1 500 000 words (still not actual fact, but we are getting there).
Websites that contain video content usually attract more users to the site. Also, the visitors stay much longer on these websites than on the websites without video. To further this claim, a research by Axonn has shown that 7 out of 10 users will have positive attitude about the brand after watching an interesting video (now, that’s a fact). Therefore, that’s one reason more for using video as a medium for conveying information and emotion on a brand’s website or in a campaign.

Video production is available!

Nowadays, video isn’t a medium used only by large companies with large production possibilites. Any company can record, even with a “simple” technology, such as smartphone!

Various types of video content can be created as the equipment for advanced production has never been more easily accessible. New technologies, such as hyperlapse, allow anyone to create interesting and creative videos that people will want to share.

Motion graphics and animation that combines video footage, photographs, text, graphics and sounds are an increasingly growing version of moving pictures on the internet. They, among others, have the advantage of being much cheaper to produce and can easily convey all of the necessary information.

Know your video goals

No matter how cool the video, it’s not enough to just record something, publish it and wait for likes, followers and customers. It’s important to determine what kind of video is needed for a particular brand, product and, of course, target audience.

Sometimes a short and cute 2D traditional animation is enough, sometimes it’s only a 3D product display and sometimes it’s a recorded case study that documents the entire production process.

There are many ways to use a video on the Internet. You can make testimonial videos, interviews, product or brand demonstrations, video case studies or ‘about us’ videos. Each of these types of video can be used individually or as part of a larger campaign. Video on the Internet can be placed on a brand’s web page, or put on a video-sharing service such as YouTube.
It is important to know the product, its target audience, and therefore target the outgoing content and promotions accordingly. YouTube is great channel to target your audience because it allows target by location, demographic, topic or interest!

On a lot of award-winning web sites, video backgrounds are used to improve design, give it a function and make the experience more interesting. Also, these videos are placing the product in the forefront and promoting it, while the interesting visual language keeps users on the site. However, such videos are often not shared.

Videos that are created for the purpose of becoming viral should put the product into the background and draw the audience with an interesting story. The product then carries the story, but it’s not overexposed and the audience is not repulsed by the thought of sharing it. In this case, the video itself may be the main and the only part of a campaign, with the product subtly in the background.


So, as you can see, there are a bunch of ways and techniques to create and take advantage of great video content. You can find out which work the best for your business and grow your brand awareness, sales, or any other tangible goal.

And that’s why we’re doing video at Degordian. :)
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Ivan Radović

Motion Graphics Designer

Motion graphics designer, junk food-lover, animator, sexy dancer and filmophile. Except of a lot of work he enjoys wild nights, lazy afternoons and everything with smooth moves.

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