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Elizabeta Bolarić

Account Assistant

LEGO DUPLO Facebook Page is the only digital platform where parents from Croatia can share experiences and get inspiration for playing with LEGO DUPLO® bricks. Find out how we found the sweet spot by achieving client’s goals and meeting fans’ needs.

LEGO DUPLO® is a part of the LEGO® Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of play materials. The main purpose of LEGO DUPLO® bricks is to develop basic abilities by educating, entertaining and engaging children from 1,5 to 5 years of age. In Croatia, LEGO DUPLO® was less recognizable due to its focus on the specific niche market of moms and very young children, so one of their main goals was to boost brand awareness. To achieve that goal, they decided to use the most influential social media channel – Facebook.


But how do you achieve that goal if you’re talking to your fans through only one digital channel?

By clearly defining client’s goals, discovering what makes fans tick and creating specific content all wrapped up in the streamlined production process, we’ve built a community that likes to share experiences, knowledge and joy!

Target, understand and engage

LEGO DUPLO® is geared towards children but it’s the parents who do the decision making, so the brand focuses its communication toward moms aged 25 to 40. More specifically, the target group and the majority of fans on the page are moms whose children are between 1,5 and 5 years old. Those moms are communicative and support online communities in which they can find some added values for their children. By creating content that inspires and boosts creativity while playing with LEGO DUPLO® bricks, we encourage the target audience to share their experience with each other. This kind of approach helps us create a page full of playfulness where moms can find daily inspiration for playing with their kids. At the same time, fans with similar interest are connecting and making virtual acquaintances. This fact always makes us joyous!

Stop! Goaltime

Defining the goal is a crucial step for every social media strategy and it’s important that the client and the agency are on the same page from the beginning. The most efficient strategies are implemented when there is one clear goal but it can be up to two complementary goals. For instance, the goal of managing a social media page can be brand awareness and it can be achieved by boosting reach and engagement. On the other hand, if website clicks are set as a goal, social media page can be set as an assistant for redirecting the fans to the official website. Whatever the client chooses as the main objective, our Accounts are committed to leading the client through the whole digital process and to ensure the client gets the best solution for achieving his predefined goals.

What do fans want? Ask your Community Manager

Community Managers are regularly in contact with fans on the page and, therefore, have the most accurate insights into fan behavior and inquiries. Before writing down ideas for plans, Community Managers research most popular inquiries, previous posts and their success in terms of engagement rate, impressions per user, reach and other relevant social media metrics. In addition, they follow trends and are always up to date with new features available in different social media channels.

Save time and energy with a streamlined production process

How much time, people and effort are needed to create one monthly plan for a brand’s social media channel?

The process should always begin with a client’s brief. In order to create the most fitted social media strategy for the specific brand, Account team briefs Community Managers about the brand’s values and business goals, target group and their interest, as well as the tone of communication required for the specific page. In this phase, the number and types of posts for a particular page are also defined. Types and number of posts always depend on communication goals. Generally, they can be formal, informal, educational, sales-oriented, lifestyle-oriented or combination.


While creating the draft of the post plan, Community Managers always go through their checklist and define the following:

  • the precise number of posts in each category (e.g. formal/informal)
  • types of the posts in terms of format e.g. picture, video, GIF, cinemagraph, link post, carousel
  • call to actions in copies and/or visuals
  • visual proposals which could be a Degordian-created visual, user photo, photo from different depositories or official visuals
  • links that will be added to posts (if needed)

When the concept is defined, our Community Managers channel their inspiration and create attractive copies and visual proposals. Before our design team starts working on the visuals, Accounts check the proposed plan with the client to be sure that all their requests have been met. After the client’s approval, we start with the production phase.

When the client approves the draft, the designer is ready for photo shooting and editing. They cooperate with Community Managers who created the idea for the post to make sure that the copy and visual complement each other. While editing photos, each visual should be strongly related to the text description and present the brand’s story.

The production of posts for LEGO DUPLO® is somewhat different as the page is merged into a global page. Some of the posts are created out of the official visuals with minimum adjustments for the Croatian market, whereas the rest of the content is “homemade” right down in our office. The copy and all texts are always customized to our market, so local fans can easily connect with the brand.

As you can see, each post is created with predefined goals and a precise message which needs to be communicated through all post elements.

Create content with fans, not just for fans

The cooperation between Accounts, Community Managers, and Designers is essential if we want to deliver the most fitted content for each client. This is our way of engaging fans with unique, different and innovative posts which lead toward achieving client’s goals.

We enjoy coming up with new ideas for all types of posts, but videos usually take some additional time for concept creation and realization. They have proven to be most successful in terms of organic reach, so we try to create them as inspirational as possible in order to incite creative building among our fans as well as interaction with the brand. Furthermore, fans find short DIY video tutorials with LEGO DUPLO bricks extremely interesting, so that’s a win-win.

On the other hand, attractive photos alongside call-to-actions in posts on LEGO DUPLO® page have proven to be the right combination to encourage fans in sharing pictures of their children playing with the bricks. Those interactive posts and regular communication with fans via comments help us create a unique place for sharing experiences and positive emotions.

This approach motivated us to create a post category named “Builder of the month”. Once a month, we feature a photo of a little builder with his or hers LEGO DUPLO creation. In addition to developing relationships with fans, those posts generate the most engagement in terms of comments which also improves total reach and engagement rate.

To provide fans with all the information they may need regarding the products, each year we update product assortment as well as a list of places where they can buy LEGO DUPLO® products. If you are interested to see how we presented the products on social media page only, stay tuned and discover more tips & tricks in the upcoming blog post!

To find out how we put all this theory into practice, hop over to LEGO DUPLO Hrvatska page and get inspired! :)


Elizabeta Bolarić

Account Assistant

Dynamic and cheerful Account Assistant. Interested in marketing and communications with great passion for research and learning. A stay-fit enthusiast who enjoys acrobatic disciplines, art and nature.

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