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Ivo Novak

Head of Digital Advertising

Ivo Novak started out as an intern at Degordian when he was a student. His passion for digital marketing got him to where he is today, a Traffic Manager and a team leader.

What does a Traffic Manager at Degordian do?

The Traffic Manager position at digital advertising agencies usually includes managing online advertising campaigns which drive visitors to the client’s online resources (eg. websites). At Degordian, our job consists of coming up with concepts for advertising campaigns, creating the ads and implementing them. Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and newsletter campaigns are used extensively. We do this both for clients and internal projects.

At the end of any campaign, we analyse how successful it was. By using tools such as Google Analytics, we take the collected data, do a statistical analysis and extract conclusions. It’s often challenging work, but I find it very rewarding as there’s lot to learn from every campaign.

Managers001anaWhy is Traffic Management meaningful to clients?

Companies see new media as a challenge, but also as an opportunity to get in touch with their consumers. Traffic Management is useful to companies as they can reach their target audiences more precisely than ever using advertising on search engines (Google) or social media (Facebook). Furthermore, using analytics tools (Google Analytics) to analyse, test and optimise web traffic, companies can use their advertising budgets more effectively.

For most people nowadays, the first contact with a brand is made online. If that part is not well optimised, companies can lose a lot of potential customers. Our job is to come up with and implement campaigns which reach target audiences and achieve measurable results. Webshops, news sites and the tourist sector need our services the most as they conduct most of their advertising online.


What does a typical work day look like for a Traffic Manager at Degordian?

The first thing to do is create a schedule of activities for the day. Next we continue with setting up and optimising campaigns, campaign reports and analyses. We have a lot of clients as well as internal projects so it’s often necessary to multitask.

One of our greatest challenges is the education we need to include in a days work. Because Google and Facebook are continuously updating and improving their services, it’s of the utmost importance for us to keep up with those changes. We follow specialised portals, listen to lectures and attend conferences to educate ourselves. It’s also not all about keeping up, we come up with our own solutions and advancements that can improve our department and our work.

We’re always on the lookout for motivated and performance oriented people looking to join our Traffic Management team. Check out our careers page and get in touch with us to join one of the coolest departments at Degordian.


Traffic Manager (apply till July 9th)

Traffic Intern (apply till July 6th)


Ivo Novak

Head of Digital Advertising

Turns numbers into facts by optimising everything there is to be optimised. Comes from one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia and is passionate about good food and nature. Enjoys sports, breakdance and summer festivals.

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