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Robert Petković

Google Analytics Specialist

At Degordian we take our blog very seriously. Statistics show that you like to read our posts, because we love what we do :)

Invest in your blogs!

In April 2014, right after we launched a new website, we’ve boosted our blog site to a higher level by producing quality content on a regular basis. We also decided to produce posts that will help you better understand digital marketing and use our tips and tricks in your own projects.
Later, analysis showed we weren’t wrong: our blog visitors generate high-quality traffic! They read more, stay longer and have higher conversion rate than all visitors!

Infographics - top 10 most read blogs statistics

Those figures are rising day by day and represent the reasons that will push us toward creating an interesting blog content in 2015 too.

Hence, it is not a surprise that Degordian’s most interesting blog posts are those written by professionals who wrote about some specific tasks of their everyday work or about brand new changes in tools they use. Grab some popcorn, a notepad and a drink and enjoy these 10 blog posts you found the most interesting in 2014.

At the podium you can see these three medalists:

1. Tracking PDF Downloads as Pageviews (using Google Tag Manager)
Are you still tracking PDF downloads as Google Analytics events? Learn how to track them as Pageviews with these few simple best-selling steps written by Robert Petković.

2. Facebook Image Size Guide
Did you know that Facebook feed is now adapting to your post? Find out which are the best image dimensions in this top-listed entry written by Jurica Koletić.

3. New Facebook Right Hand Column Ads Updates
Similar to previous, our Traffic Manager Hrvoje Pilić wrote this bronze-winning post on how this Facebook makeover made ad campaign management and image design simpler and easier.

Other, but not less interesting posts are:

4. 5 Cool Examples of UTM-tracking
Know thy customers (better) with more efficient use of UTM-tagging! Our Google Analytics Specialist Robert knows how. Here are some tips & tricks on how to properly track your online and offline campaigns with Google Analytics.

5. Student Internship at Degordian
A professional and motivational first work experience can define the direction of our future careers. That is why we work hard on managing and improving our internship program. The best person to write something about that is Petra who used to be an intern and now is a full member of our HR team.

6. Deploying Code
Developers constantly expand and improve deployment techniques. With more complex projects developers need efficient deployment methods and at Degordian we make our own! Our Tony revealed some Degordian methods that work like magic.

7. Degordian Web from a Developers Perspective
Degordian’s corporate web is different, innovative and most important – award winning! Now you have the chance to see the magic behind its development. Our Software Developer Slaven explains how we created the award-winning Degordian site and stunned the professionals by following the idea of contextual navigation!

8. Youtube Trueview Video Ads
YouTube, the most rapidly growing online force, introduced video advertising last month. Read more on this very interesting and important topic written by Petra, our Traffic Manager.

9. 4 Ways to Promote Your Brand with Hyperlapse
Remember that hype about Hyperlapse that (b)lasted this summer? It’s new, it’s interesting and it sparked curiosity in our Creative Team. They presented how this new tool could bring brand stories to life and said: “If a picture is worth a thousand words then Hyperlapse is worth 12 times more”.

10. Top Online Courses to Help You Stand Out
Want to boost your CV with extra knowledge without wasting a lot of precious time? It is possible. Check out online courses our Nina recommends! Use your time wisely and learn something new. Today.

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Robert Petković

Google Analytics Specialist

Currently the oldest but hardly the most serious member of the team. Likes to play with gadgets, numbers and applications and loves music, travelling and spending time with his family.

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