The story behind Degordian Academy

Marina Vnučec

Executive Assistant

Knowledge should not be kept to yourself, it should be shared and multiplied.
Read about how we decided to share ours.

We’ve been in the digital business for years now and our experiences with working on various projects gained us a lot of knowledge. Nevertheless, we believe in communicating and sharing what we’ve learned with our colleagues and clients because it makes us work better and further expands our horizons. We also believe this is an additional way we can help our clients achieve their business goals and add value to their brands.

The idea of the Academy was born a few months ago. It all started with Sponge where we invited students to join us at our Degordian house. Through lessons and workshops we discovered a new energy that evolved from this cooperation. We couldn´t help but ask ourselves why don’t we do something like this with our clients? It could surely help us get better insight into their challenges and we could come up with some fresh solutions for them. It didn´t take long for us to get started working on the exciting project of Degordian Academy. And now it´s about to begin!

Degordian Interns

We’re starting with our first lesson on June 3rd and continuing with lectures every Tuesday for the next four weeks. While deciding on the best dates to keep our lectures, we kept in mind the football matches that are to be played at the World championship, so don´t worry, you won’t be missing any. ;)

All lectures are to be held by our well experienced teammates, each specialized in the matter they will be talking about.

For now, Degordian Academy will be available to our clients and friends that have shown an interest for additional knowledge but we plan to open our lectures to the public. In this starting stage, the lectures and mini workshops will be organised in small groups and will last no more that 45 minutes per lecture. We’re also looking forward to knowing our clients better so we’re preparing an informal get-together that will take place after every lecture.

As you can tell, we´re preparing a lot of new and interesting things at Degordian! If you would like to take part in this great project, check out our Academy web, register and select the lectures you’d like to attend.

See you at Degordian!


Marina Vnučec

Executive Assistant

Informal chess champion of the Degordian family. Loves dark chocolate, unconventional jokes, rock music and amateur acting. Dreams of traveling the world.

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