Testival Meetup #31 at Degordian

Marko Kruljac

Last Tuesday (October 3rd, 2017), we held the 31st Testival Meetup, and for the first time it was hosted at Degordian – in our brand new office. Here’s a quick recap!

The event started at six o’clock, but we decided to wait a bit before starting with the formal part.
This gave people a chance to mingle around, grab some snacks and satisfy their thirst with a pint of cold beer. It was raining heavily that day (hopefully, conditions will be better next time), so some people could not attend, but attendance was pretty good with roughly 30 people coming to the meetup.

We started by taking people through our new space, went through the schedule and the information about the meetup. Everyone got a chance to introduce themselves to the group, and that was nice.

Improving the love-hate relationship between devs and QA

The first talk of the evening was by Vilim Stubičan, and it was titled “Improving the love-hate relationship between devs and QA”. It was an interesting talk from a different perspective – from the “other side”. Vilim talked about his day as a developer and how QA intersects with his daily tasks. He presented six commandments that can be used as important guidelines both parties should follow in order to have a successful and professional “developer-tester” relationship. After the talk, there were a lot of questions – people were very interested in the subject and wanted to get answers “first-hand” from someone working in development.

Testival Vilim Stubičan

We made a short break before starting with the next talk, so people could get a refill and talk to each other a bit.

API Security Testing

The second talk was mine and it was about API Security Testing. At Degordian, we do a lot of mobile applications that communicate with a backend server via an API, and every part of the system is developed and tested in-house. Security is a big priority for us (and it’s also my personal favorite type of testing), so naturally we do a lot of API Security Testing. The talk was a collection of my personal testing heuristics, or simply put tips, that I shared with my QA colleagues. I showed them where, from my experience, developers fail most often and pointed out where they should start looking for security bugs. This will hopefully help them to quickly find a good deal of security bugs without wasting time looking at places where bugs are rarely found. It’s not to say that you should not check those places, but you should be smart when prioritising your testing effort.

Testival Marko Kruljac

You can find the presentations at Github, they contain some useful articles and tools that were briefly mentioned in the talks.

By now, the pizza arrived, so we all stopped to grab a couple of slices and talked with each other about various things, both testing and non-testing related.

Lightning talks

The last formal part of the meetup was a round of lightning talks. They are short (5 minute) talks and you are allowed to talk about almost anything (just make sure it’s safe for work), but you absolutely must respect the 5 minute limit rule. If you go over the limit, people will interrupt with loud clapping – it’s really that serious!

Željko Filipin started and, at the time, it looked like he was going to be the only one having a lightning talk. He talked about career development and it was a conversation between him and the audience. Željko shared his tips on what you should do to improve your career and audience gave him back their advice.

Soon after, people joined in on the fun. There were a couple more lightning talks and it was very interdisciplinary. We ended up with a QA lead, a developer and a project manager holding a lightning talk in the form of a conversation with the audience, collecting input and answers from people working in different fields.

Testival Lightning Talks

This was my favorite part, because we were able to bring together not just testers, but also developers, project managers and even HR specialists to the meetup – each one of them providing an unique insight into day-to-day problems we all face.

Most of us stayed for drinks in the office after the meetup was officially over. The individual feedback I received was positive on both the venue and the content that was provided, so I am very happy.


The next meetup will be on Tuesday, November 7th, at the same place and the same time. You can find the details about the event on our meetup page. Please remember to RSVP if you plan on coming and we’ll see you on Testival Meetup #32!


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