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Catching Pokemon is a combination of skill, luck and speed. That’s why sometimes running to that Pokestop that attracts legendaries just won’t cut it. You gotta go fast!

Let’s start with the obvious. If you play Pokemon GO, your main goal is to catch all the Pokemon, simple as that. And what are the best places to catch the most Pokemon? PokeStops with activated lures that increase the number of Pokemon that wander around. They are the primary reason why, in the last couple of days, you could have seen tons of people moving like a horde from one location in your city to another. The sight of a highlighted PokeStop on the map is just so difficult to resist because players know they could catch a bunch of new Pokemon with as little effort as possible.


Now, imagine a Pokemon GO player that just saw a lure being placed on a PokeStop that’s fairly distant. His only goal is to be at that spot ASAP, but he knows that he has less than 30 minutes before the lure stops working, and also that running to said PokeSpot is one giant no-no, because it’s so far away there’s no chance to get there in time.


He needs a way to get there fast, and that’s where you come in with your car and save the day!




Think of it as Uber for Pokemon, an on demand team of drivers who get paid to zig-zag around the city, taking Pokemon GO players from one PokeStop to the other, stopping only to battle at Gyms and to catch Pokemon at PokeStops with activated lures. As we said, players are doing all they can to get to those lure-enhanced places as fast as they can, and you and your car can be the solution to their problem. Especially if you’re a licenced taxi driver, as you can take roads that other non-taxi drivers aren’t allowed to drive on. As speed is the key to getting the most Pokemon, this could be your major selling point!


But what if you aren’t a taxi driver or if speed is really not your thing? Is there a way for you to get something out of this Pokemon Go mania if you’re the kind of guy who likes to roll at your own pace and cruise around the city in a slow lane?

There is, and it’s called egg hatching. To hatch eggs which give you new Pokemon, you have to to walk, a lot. Eggs with high-level Pokemon inside require you to walk for 10 kilometers before they hatch, and since a majority of players have only one egg incubator (a special item used to hatch Pokemon eggs), you can only do it one egg at a time. That means a player needs to walk for hours just to hatch one egg, but you can help them out.


By taking a car and driving around the city a little bit slower, the game will think you’re actually walking, and you’ll be able to hatch Pokemon eggs faster. Just remember not to go faster than 30 kilometers per hour, as that’s the limit when the game’s system realises you’re going too fast and stops counting the distance you passed.


The whole thing is pretty simple. With a car, you can hatch 3 high-level eggs per player in just one hour, which is a hell of a lot more than what would be be possible if a player did it on foot. True, you might not be very popular among other drivers in your city, but the Pokemon GO community will adore you.
See there’s something for everyone, so what are you waiting, go for it!

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