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What’s the biggest issue Pokemon GO players are experiencing while they play? It’s not the lack of Pokemon or items or laggy servers. It’s the dreaded battery drain!

We’ve all experienced that feeling. Just as you throw your Pokeball to catch that Pokemon you’ve been following for hours, your battery dies and your smartphone turns off. The result, you spent a couple of hours for nothing, the one Pokemon you wanted got away, and the nearest charger is nowhere to be found. Bummer!


Pokemon GO drains your smartphone’s battery in approximately 3 hours, and that’s on flagships. On mid-range devices that time is even lower, and if you take into account that most players forget to bring a spare battery or a power bank with themselves while they play, that can turn into a real problem.




Well, how would you like to be the most popular brand among Pokemon GO players? You see, the solution to this problem is simple. All you need to do is enable users to charge their phones!


Let’s say there’s a PokeStop or a Gym near your location, and players are gathering around it all day long. You could let them wander around, aimlessly searching for a charge or you could create your own branded charging station and offer free charging to players. Simple as that!


But let’s not stop there, let’s take it to another level. You can also use that to promote your products and services, and that’s especially efficient if you have a cafe or a restaurant. Believe us, Pokemon GO players need three things while they’re adventuring – food, drinks and battery power. So if you can offer them all three, your brand will rise to the top of the most loved list in no time.


You can also upgrade this idea even more by creating and promoting special Pokemon GO events. Just think about it – an event that attracts hundreds, even thousands of players every week. Players who spend an entire day in your branded space consuming your products. Now that’s what we call a win-win!
See, we told you it’s easy. Go on and try it out and share your results with us!

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