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Petra Murgić

Exactly three years ago I arrived at Degordian as one of the first interns. In one of my university courses, I heard about a small agency with a clear vision, ambitious plan and happy employees.

When they mentioned they’re looking for their first interns, me and my colleague Ivo Novak, now Traffic Manager, immediately signed up. We passed the selection process and when we heard that they decided to take both of us, it was a double celebration.

Today, after three years, it makes me happy to be in charge of our entire Human Resources internship program, because I myself went through everything other young people now have a chance to experience. I can proudly say that  we worked with around fifty students in these three years, and that we had high-quality, hard-working and dedicated people in our interns team. Everything started in our Marketing section, went through Design and Development and extended all the way to the Product development department, Traffic, Copywriting, Project Management and Human Resources internships. This is a real indicator of how much space for growth is available for young people and their development. We have interns in Zagreb, Mostar and Belgrade, with more to come in our newly opened office in Vienna.

Why students need internships?

Students themselves have told us many times how their formal education lacks work on real projects with real implementation, with specific guidance and mentoring. There’s plenty of talent and will, but a shortage of opportunities. We want to create those opportunities! First jobs create first interests, and in some way they define our career direction. Our ultimate goal is to enable students to examine what we do and to find out what they could do with their own unique talents. We want to turn our interns into experts by nurturing their talents.

Who are we looking for, and what do we expect from our interns?

Students participate in our internship program and, in some way, it’s a real student job. An intern works in a team, has a job description, defined tasks and responsibilities. There is no “expiration date” on the duration of the internship, as a matter of fact, if we’re satisfied with the intern we will openly talk about his career development and taking it to the next level. We find it important that the intern is with us for a period of at least six months, because in six months a person can realistically manage to acquire all the information about his and his colleagues workplaces, about this particular industry and his own interests, so that he may fully contribute after his initial introduction to the job.

Traits we value in each and every intern:

1. Responsibility and commitment – taking every task with the utmost responsibility and giving your best effort to fulfill it – devotion to work is an exceptionally strong quality among our interns and we take it into account, nurture and award it.

2. Work independence, innovation and taking initiative.

3. Working on personal development – research, education and an all-round advancement in thinking and working.

An opportunity for later employment is given to all our interns, but intern’s capability to integrate with the team is a big part of our decision. For each new job we are looking for candidates who are, by all criteria, best suited for it. Sometimes it happens to be one of our interns and sometimes it doesn’t, but we are very happy when the best candidate for the job is one of our interns. More than ten of our former interns are now full-time employees, and this proves that professional and personal development really pays off.

Degordian Interns

What can we provide to our interns?

Here’s what we can offer students that would like to take part in our internship program:

1. A chance for professional development in the field of digital marketing – we have the knowledge and experience, as well as awesome mentors willing to share their experience with others.

2. Working in shifts through workdays and weekends according to a predefined schedule – we understand that college responsibilities come first, so our internship does not include 8 hour workdays. Work hours are organized in shifts that are defined on a weekly basis with the team leader and mentors. Weekly norm is around 15 to 25 hours, depending on the availability of the intern.

3. Great working atmosphere – interns are a part of the Degordian team and they take equal part in all activities like full-time employees (projects, educations, brainstormings, teambuildings).

4. A chance for some extra income – we appreciate the time, willingness and commitment of our interns, and we believe that this type of effort has to be paid and rewarded accordingly.

I would just like to highlight the importance of having a professional and motivational first working experience. Professionalism of your colleagues steers you in the right direction and teaches you how to act in the world of business in order to become a successful and fulfilled individual. Motivational environment provides a space to think for yourself, to see your contributions and achievements and to feel you are really growing as a professional and a person. What we have as an added bonus is most certainly a great team and loads of fun. We like to drink coffee as a team in the morning, share lunch together in the early afternoon, take breaks, go on teambuildings, work and get together after office hours. We are a big team, but we’re constantly looking for new members.

Could we be looking for you? :)

Explore Degordian, think about where you could fit in our team and contact us via e-mail

We would like to get to know you a bit better, so be sure to send us:

1. CV

2. Name of the position you’d like to apply for.

3. Share your motivation. Show us how you can contribute to the team, what you like and love doing. Generic motivational letters are out, show us you can do better! :)

Think about where you want to see yourself a year from now and do something to make it happen. If you think you can get there with our team, we are curiously waiting for your application! :)


Petra Murgić

People person. Has a plan to visit at least one country every year and thinks that testing your comfort zone in the best thing you can do for yourself. Believes in simplicity, laughter and hard work.

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Is this for students only?

Petra Murgić

Yes, our internship program is for students who are currently pursuing BA or MA in specific studies.


Bok, do you have interships on communications?

Petra Murgić

Hi Anna, we have Community Management Intern position. To find more or to apply, you can contact us on :)

Mihael Keškić

I just generally applied for an internship at Degordian. Can I as a Graduate that strongly wishes to gain better work experience apply for an unpaid internship? - What are my chances realistically? I appreciate your answer. :)

Petra Murgić

Hi :) Thank you for your interest and for applying for an internship at Degordian. Unfortunately, within our internship programme we don't offer unpaid internships. If you have submitted an open application, we will contact you if a position suitable for you opens within the next six months. On the other hand, if you have applied for a currently ongoing selection, we’ll get back to you once the application period closes. Have a superb day! :)

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