Startup Marketing 101: How to jump-start sales

Ivor Bihar

Product Manager

Mediatoolkit is Degordian’s media monitoring tool that tracks relevant mentions of your brand across the web and social media in real time. You can use it to get notified immediately when you are mentioned anywhere online and to discover meaningful insights behind every mention. After a few years in development, Mediatoolkit launched a media monitoring tool last summer and after the initial product-market fit test, they were ready to make their first sales.

Our major goal was pretty straightforward: Jump-start their sales!
By taking a better look at Mediatoolkit, we found a few sales and marketing challenges we had to deal with in order to achieve our goal:

  1. Almost nobody knew what Mediatoolkit was
  2. They had a limited marketing budget
  3. Target market in the region (Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia) was not aware of the amazing benefits of using a media monitoring solution

We dealt with these challenges one by one.

Unknown brand

We decided to create buyer personas to better understand the wants and needs of our targeted customers, and to be able to reach out to them through their preferred channels. Based on what we knew about our users, we created six buyer personas and our goal was to raise their awareness of Mediatoolkit and media monitoring in general.
After we developed buyer personas, it was time to create a list of their issues with media monitoring, PR tracking and measurement in order to define how a real time media monitoring tool can solve them and make their professional lives easier.

Some of the benefits that were later placed on ads for different buyer personas:

  • Track mentions across the web and social media
  • One feed for all online sources
  • Track and analyze your competitors’ online presence
  • Control your online reputation
  • Measure your online PR efforts
  • Find new leads and sales opportunities
  • Find influencers in your industry and connect with them

We organized free webinars in order to educate our current and potential users, and get them hooked on Mediatoolkit and real time media monitoring.

Additionally, we used the opportunity arising from the upcoming presidential elections in Croatia and created various reports and infographics that compared top candidates in regards to their mentions in the online media and on social networks. These reports were published by top-tier media and were quickly shared within our target market.

Limited marketing budget

Our goal was to create an awesome experience for all Mediatoolkit users from the very first time they got in touch with it. Customer journey was divided into four simple steps and each buyer persona was targeted with custom made messages and through different channels along their way.

Customer journey in startup marketing

E.g. in the first step we are trying to get our potential user’s attention, in the second we are communicating features and options, and once they are hooked we provide them with benefits of using Mediatoolkit. We used Facebook Ads, Google and Facebook remarketing ads, newsletters and rule based messages and emails through Intercom (user activity and customer support tool).

Creating the need for media monitoring solutions

In an effort to continue providing amazing experience to our users, we created a unique customer funnel with a couple of touch points that included human-to-human interaction. Instead of leaving it up to automation software (which we also used during the process) we enriched the experience by making a first contact within five minutes of registration. Mediatoolkit Customer Success Managers (Mediatoolkit is looking for new team members at this position) call each new user, help them define goals and their ideal media monitoring strategy, and assist them with setting up the perfect keyword tracking lists.

customer funnel in startup marketing

Once a user finds Mediatoolkit useful and necessary in their day-to-day business, they are connected to Mediatoolkit Account Manager (Mediatoolkit is looking for new Account Managers, too) who is there to help them discover a pricing plan and options suited perfectly for them. You can read more about Mediatoolkit sales process optimization in a blog written by a Mediatoolkit Account Manager. Customers are then aided by Customer Success Managers, who are always there for any questions you might have while using Mediatoolkit.
This sales and marketing process was greeted by Mediatoolkit users who have finally found a software that genuinely wants to help them achieve better business results:

As we are always focused on performance marketing, we were measuring every step of this campaign. We used Google Analytics, AdWords and Facebook Business Manager to measure the impact of online campaigns. During the sales process we used Pipedrive (CRM), Intercom, Wootric (NPS – net promoter score measurement) and Octalytics (to measure online impact on offline conversion, i.e. inside sales).


We managed to build online presence and awareness in our target market. By measuring, optimizing and executing a three step sales and marketing campaign we managed to increase Mediatoolkit sales by an average of 163% month-over-month in a three month period, with an ROI of 7,44.

Try out Mediatoolkit for FREE during first 14 days or get our Android app and check your mentions on the go. We are sure you will find it useful!


Ivor Bihar

Product Manager

Fluent in new apps, startups, spending money and Portuguese. Never afraid to stay up late and try something new. Always looking for new ways to improve performance whether it’s a new feature or the technique of the guy making sandwiches. Has never been a fan of mornings and Mondays.

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Very nice overview of how to push for sales optimization and satisfied customers. Happy to see your success with this very useful product.

Ivor Bihar

Thank you for your support and kind words.

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