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2007 was a big year for advertisers, just they didn’t know it.

What happened was, Facebook introduced a new feature known as “Facebook pages”. Pages are intended for brands, so they can have their own profiles and fans for communication.

How big Facebook pages have become we can see from a number of more than 24 millions pages today… Brands and businesses will rather create a fan page than a web site. According to there are about 3500 fan pages in Croatia. And more importantly, about 2700 pages with less than 10 thousand fans. That tells us that only 30% of pages are big enough to have the available advertising budget for a strong social media campaign.

But what about the other 70% of pages?

Every small entrepreneur, every owner of a local restaurant, shop or any other small business can use Socialpuzzle to offer their fans interesting and attractive content without big financial spending. The best thing about Socialpuzzle is that you can have it right away, admins don’t have to know anything about programming and it’s in the acceptable price range even for an owner of a flower shop.

We decided to offer users quick previews of the selected tabs on the users page before installation or purchase. All you have to do is select a product on the website, input any page name into the search box and click “Try now” and it shows you an example of the product on your page. This is the “easy- to- use” part and “no need for technical knowledge” part.

All products are based on our knowledge of the market.

Socialpuzzle tabs are the answer to what your client needs, what gives good results, what is interesting to your fans and what increases sales. We are still looking for new answers and creating new solutions and there are a lot of cool new features and products to come.


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