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Viktor Crnogorac

Strategic Partnerships Manager

By implementing a storytelling technique, we achieved excellent business results and created strong connections with the fans.

Campaign goals

In May of 2014 our agency was tasked to develop a digital communication strategy for the launch of Galbani (Dukat d.d.). Galbani was one of the newest mozzarella brand on the Croatian market, which at that time was saturated with private label brands and other European competitors.
Our mission was clear: define and implement a digital marketing strategy, which would ensure that the market is introduced to the only authentic Italian style mozzarella.

Our approach

In order to define a clear message that could work across different platforms and achieve our goals, we involved a multidisciplinary agency team consisting of digital designers, content strategists, motion graphics artists and community managers. To reach and engage a wide audience, we’ve created a multi-channel digital approach which encompassed the use of web banners (Google Display Network and placements on key Croatian websites), YouTube pre-roll videos targeted to relevant content and a strong presence across Social Media through a designated Facebook page.

Storytelling in sales_Galbani Facebook posts

The target group was determined primarily as women within the age group of 25 to 55, with a strong interest for gastronomy and travel, combined with a passion for the Italian lifestyle. These are the women who are keen to broaden their horizons and discover new sources of inspiration, often through social media and relevant culinary websites.
In order to highlight our message, we used YouTube pre-roll ads with tips on how to use mozzarella in typical dishes, such as pizzas and salads. The ads were carefully targeted to ensure that they were displayed to relevant audiences in terms of demographics and interests.

Our approach to communication of the Galbani brand on Facebook was rather unorthodox, as we opted to create a page that did not include the brand name. We decided to use the name „Okusi Italije“ (Tastes of Italy). With this in mind, we began to create content about the Italian lifestyle and invited fans to discuss their cuisine, fashion, culture, destinations and traditions. By doing this, we shifted from the classic sales orientated communication and placed an emphasis on Italian symbols that fans could always associate with the brand.
During the campaign, our desire was to stimulate greater motivation and involvement from fans, hence we’ve created a Facebook Photo Contest in which we invited fans to share their photos of Italian destinations and culture. We rewarded the winner of the best photo with a trip to Italy.

The results

Through the celebration of the Italian lifestyle, we managed to create powerful triggers in the minds of consumers and promote the product as an authentic choice for their gastronomic adventures.
Since the launch of the brand, the client has reported increasing sales and market share (regardless of its higher price point on the market) and the Facebook page has grown to a strong community of over 15.000 fans, which actively interact with the brand.

Storytelling in sales_Galbani Facebook posts

The “Okusi Italije” Photo Contest attracted more than 7.500 visitors, with more than 350 uploaded photos resulting in a widespread brand recognition and interaction.
Ultimately, this campaign proved that brands can achieve an effective relationship with fans, as well as strong business results by utilizing the right communication approach. Our approach focused on storytelling and creating bonds between the product and consumers’ interests, rather than placing pressure on consumers to buy the product itself.
For our agency, the greatest pleasure comes from the fact that the communication strategy we have implemented has a long lasting potential – to create engagement with fans and ensure that the brand remains in the minds of consumers as a true symbol of Italian lifestyle.

Have you tried this approach as the core of your communication strategy?
We would love to have your take on this subject, share with us your opinion and experience in the comments below.


Viktor Crnogorac

Strategic Partnerships Manager

A multi-lingual professional, genuine foodie obsessed with advertising and travel. Loves coffee and people (most of the time). Great at understanding international contexts and solving pop-up challenges.

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Hello, Congrats on the successful execution and thank you for the excellent write-up of this campaign. Did you use Instagram or as part of your strategy? I have been reading a lot of you other articles and find it very interesting all of the things that can be done with both Google's and Facebook's advertising and reporting tools.

Viktor Crnogorac

Hi Robert, thank you for your kind words and for following our company. For this specific project we did not use Instagram but it is something we are considering implementing in the future. In general, from what we can see in our work, Instagram as a digital channel is usually quite effective in the FMCG industry and it makes sense to use it in terms of building Brand Awareness. If you have any additional questions about our work feel free to give us a shout :) Thanks, Viktor

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