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Elizabeta Bolarić

Account Assistant

Working in marketing agency requires creative thinking on a daily basis and it is also a challenge that most of us encounter daily.

Finding the best solutions for clients’ needs means continuously coming up with brand new ideas. To step back from the task, clear your head and boost creativity, try taking time for leisure activities.

Mind&Body connection

Many scientists claim that people should take care of the synergy of the mind, body and spirit triangle. The explanation is simple – the brain controls cognition, the body stimulates and maintains brain and body functions and emotions establish a spiritual state beneficial to the life processes.
A heart-pumping gym session or aerobic exercises such as cycling, running or walking increase the blood flow to the brain which helps you think more clearly and learn more efficiently.
Perhaps the most unusual hobby in our team is mine. I practice aerial silk dancing which requires regular workouts in order to stay strong and flexible. It also requires me to focus on rhythm which helps me clear my mind. It is the time of the day when I can step back from my daily routine and express how I’m feeling through movement. There is no deadline and specific goal, there is only pleasure which spontaneously boosts my creative thinking.

Here at Degordian, I’m surrounded by people with different interests. For example, 17,2% of Degordians spend their free time playing music instruments while 28,7% of them occasionally engage into sports such as table tennis, cycling or just taking a long walks.

How do we keep our creativity in shape

Keeping the importance of physical activity in mind, our HR team introduced weekly exercises for Degordians. They arranged an entire gym for us to engage in physical activity and bond over some  team sports. This two-hour weekly workout has given us a chance to share our knowledge about sports, motivate each other and clear our minds.

Physical activity - boxing!

For the purposes of this blog, I made a survey among Degordians about their hobbies. Just as I thought, every person at Degordian is unique. :)

Developers are definitely into music, so having our own band was a logical scenario! That is perfect for the girls from our Human Resources and Socialpuzzle team who love to dance.
Mediatoolkit team, along with interest in music, likes to play video games. Even though they actively engage in sports (basketball, fishing, skiing), our accounts are all into physical activity! From soccer, cycling to mountaineering and let’s not forget long walks with their dogs.
Content&Copy and Community Management team surprised with cool blogs, photography, and design! When they are not going out or training, they spend their time binge watching shows. Survey showed that Degordians like to watch movies and series a lot, so they are no exception.
Marketing&PR team is keen on trying out new DIY projects and the Design team gets creative with drawing, calligraphy and writing hip hop music.
Project Managers, Finance team, Management, and Traffic team like to cook, but that doesn’t mean they don’t stay fit. Popular sports among these teams include ping-pong, soccer, tennis or squash.

Degordians' hobbies

Degordian Tips&Tricks for jump-starting creativity

We developed some cool habits for boosting creativity that you can easily implement.

  1. Some of us use bikes rather than cars or public transport. A safe place to leave our bikes at work give us an extra reason for this activity!
  2. Degordians create different playlist for each day or special occasions. Music instantly gets us in a good mood and makes us moonwalk through the office.
  3. Clean and decorate your office to inspire yourself! During the holiday season, this is a must in our office. ;)
  4. We celebrate special days in our office. By bringing cookies or fruit for birthdays everyone can gather for a sweet break.
  5. Most of us often go out for lunch. Changing the surroundings refreshes our minds.
  6. Organize entertainment for your team! We have board games, fun challenges and impromptu parties.
  7. Travel. A significant number of Degordians love discovering new places and meeting different cultures. Everyone brings back a fridge magnet for our fridge collection.
  8. Weekends are a great opportunity for field trips. Degordians enjoy recharging their batteries in the outdoors.
  9. Last but not least, do sports 2-3 times a week like most of us do. Keep your mind, body, and spirit balanced.

You probably already practice some of the tips. Are there any of your own tricks to add?


No matter how busy you are, always take time for leisure activities. Sport, music or baking cakes – it’s up to you to find something that makes you happy and incites your creativity.
Use some of our tips&tricks to get started or find your own. We are always looking for something new, so feel free to share them with us. :)


Elizabeta Bolarić

Account Assistant

Dynamic and cheerful Account Assistant. Interested in marketing and communications with great passion for research and learning. A stay-fit enthusiast who enjoys acrobatic disciplines, art and nature.

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