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The brand which trains its online reflexes to become the quickest kid on the playground is the one that scoops up everybody’s trust and recommendations.

According to the research by Lithium Technologies, 53 percent of users expect brands to respond to their Tweets within the hour.

Fail to do so, and you risk losing a recommendation to their friends at best, or a full-on social media outrage in some extreme cases. If your brand lives in the online world, it lives in the world of right now, in the world where everything happens in real time. Therefore, the brand which trains its online reflexes to become the quickest kid on the playground is the one that scoops up everybody’s trust and recommendations.


To work in real time means that a reaction to something is next to immediate. It is the new rule of today’s online business.

As illustrated in the example above, you need to have quick reflexes and respond immediately when it comes to your brand’s online reputation. It can be a piece of great news about your company which you helped spread and your quick fingers played a key role in the lottery-like process of it going viral. It can also be a spark that ignited a major PR crisis that might escalate. However, if spotted early on, the fire can be put out before it gets out of hand.

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It’s not all about being the first to respond, either. Having the power to choose what you want to know, before it even gets published, is the true potential of real time. With a little cunning, you can take full advantage of all the following scenarios:

  1. Track your brand. It’s important to know what people are saying about your brand online. It’s equally important to do PR for your brand, as well as to track PR’s results across the web. Do you know where your sponsored news articles were shared last month?

  2. Track your key employees. Get to know your employees better by getting to know their activities outside the office or track the praise they get for the work they do for your company. Did you know that your head accountant won an award at their Accountants United club for best performing club member last week? That’s great news for you and your company! You should know where the story has been published.

  3. Track your ongoing campaign and hashtags. Today’s online campaigns rely heavily on hashtags. Yours should too. Why? They are perfect ready-made words you can track, along with other important words, in order to know when other people are talking about your campaign.

  4. Track your competitors. Be the first to know your competitors’ latest strategic moves, products and new hires. Your head competitor just hired a new R&D team leader. What could they be working on?

  5. Track your competitors’ key employees. The same principles apply here as with tracking your competitors’ companies. It’s not only the competitors’ brands that are making headlines – you can deduce a lot from a piece of news about a’ marketing executive leaving the competitors’ company. Are you going to use that time of vulnerability to strike a move of your own?

  6. Heck, you can even track that dream Maldives holiday package on Groupon when it gets 70% discounted and be the first to buy it, before it gets sold out. :)


As soon as we recognized the importance of real time, we built an innovative tool which enabled our clients’ brand to become the leader in quick responses.

Whether it would be used for customer inquiries, social media or headline mentions on any news site, Mediatoolkit is a real-time media monitoring tool which handles this big challenge. What does that mean? Well, it basically does your press clipping online, just without the delay.

In the time where information is money, the key is getting it as soon as possible. Tracking what the internet is saying about you, your brand, your people and your competitors gives you a powerful competitive edge. So, act in real time, give Mediatoolkit a go right now, because odds are that later will already be too late. Subscribe to the most important news feed ever – the feed about your brand!


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Gets his mind blown every time new technologies improve our daily routine. A die-hard fan of all-things Apple, Harry Potter and McDonald’s (yet somehow manages to stay skinny).

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