Our top 10 blog posts in 2015

Dorian Derežić


Just like the year before, we still take our blog posts very seriously and statistics still show you like to read them, so here are the top ten blogs you read the most in 2015.

If you’ve been following our blogs, you probably noticed we published a lot of them in 2015. 39 to be exact, and that’s quite a large number considering we wrote a total of 92 blogs since we started.

But let’s not beat around the bush. Let’s focus on the thing you’re really here for – our 10 most read blog posts in 2015.

1. 5 cool examples of UTM tracking

Want to know your customers better? You can do it with more efficient use of UTM-tagging! Here are a couple of excellent tips and detailed examples of using UTM tags. And what’s even more awesome, after being the 4th most read post of 2014, this blog tops this year’s list.

2. Tracking PDF downloads as pageviews using Google tag manager V2

Google’s Tag Manager is now available only in version 2, so here’s a 5-step tutorial on how to use it for tracking PDF downloads in Google Analytics. The first version of this article was published in 2014 and it ended being the most read blog post of that year, and this updated version proved to be almost as popular as the original.

3. Is your website ready for Enhanced Ecommerce

Our Digital Advertising team analysed the implementation of Google Analytics on Croatian and Slovenian webshops. They discovered a lot of interesting results and wrote an article about their research in which he gives reasons why you should implement Enhanced Ecommerce!

4. Design process behind Ožujsko website redesign

Find out how our Design team applied the design methodology and achieved their vision of Ožujsko website’s redesign. Marko & Mario wrote an article that describes the entire design process which ultimately led to Ožujsko’s new website winning an Awwwards reward.

5. 6 things I learned from being an HR in Degordian

It’s challenging to be a Human Resources team leader in a fast-growing company, but our Ana always manages to stay on top of everything. Read her blog post about it, take a look at how she does it and learn from her experience.

6. What is SEO

Use SEO to optimize your website and attract visitors you really want. Our Analytics & SEO Manager Marin prepared an article full of insights that will help you improve your website’s organic rankings.

7. Basics of email marketing: best practices

It’s time to learn how to get those precious subscribers! Our Digital Advertising Manager Hrvoje wrote a series of articles about the basics of email marketing and some of the best practices. Visit our blog and read the first part and then upgrade your newly acquired knowledge with part two.

8. How we created a newspaper in 72 hours

It’s no secret that our Content team loves a good challenge, so when the time came to create a super hush-hush surprise for our 6th birthday – they were all in! Read how Lucija, Dijana and Dorian spend the last 72 hours before the birthday party and created the first issue of Degordian post.

9. Research: is Croatian market mobile-friendly

Our Digital Advertising team created a detailed research to find out if Croatian websites are ready for Google’s new Mobilegeddon algorithm which penalizes websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Check out what they found out in a blog written by our Lead Digital Advertising Manager Ivo!

10. J-D method: the enemies

J-D method is Degordian’s way of boosting personal growth. Learn how to master its ways by identifying problems that can interfere with your success. And after identifying the problems, read the part two of the series in which our Lead Project Manager Slaven teaches you how to beat them and achieve success!

And that’s it for 2015! In 2016, we plan to further increase the production of blog posts and educational material in general, so keep on reading and we’ll post the results in January of 2017!


Dorian Derežić


Named after the greatest anti-hero in literature, Dorian enjoys playing the office villain and takes pride in being the only person in Degordian with a douchebag jar. He has a deep love for fine tailored shirts and custom suits.

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