Octalytics – Degordian’s new baby

Marina Vnučec

Executive Assistant

The idea we dreamed about finally came to life. All it took was 24 hours without sleep and 80 enthusiasts to carry it out.

For some time, we wanted to develop a tool that could connect offline customer activities with company’s online marketing efforts. As it was pretty challenging and somewhat unhandy to connect all the dots, we never took the time to actually create it.

Therefore, we gathered the most eager individuals from all of our offices which amounted to 80% of Degordian population (some simply couldn’t make it) strongly determined to develop the tool and build everything around it. That included creating a marketing and communication strategy, business model, visual identity, product features, monetisation model and defining advertising channels. After 24 hours of passionate work, Octalytics is alive and running!

Degordian's team on 'startup in 24h' 

The tool is designed to connect customer’s offline purchases to his previous online actions. This helps businesses identify the most prominent channels for boosting their revenues and optimize marketing budgets.

How it works: A potential customer visits your website and, at that point, Octalytics starts tracking his online activities. After conducting online research of products and services, a customer makes a purchase at your point of sale (offline). Their actions are backtracked and matched with their previous online activities. That way, you have a clear overview of their path through the entire promotion funnel as Octalytics points out the most profitable ones and helps optimize marketing investments.

Octalytics - tracking offline conversions

What’s really great is that the tool can be used in every industry, from retail chains, service industry, marketing agencies or multichannel FMCG.

Along with the development of the tool, we worked on creating a community that would trigger more and more companies to take on the ambitious task of creating projects from scratch in just 24 hours. The Bulgarian music label was the first who embraced the platform by creating an entire music video, song and promotion. You could be next! For all information, tips & tricks, feel free to contact us on info@degordian.com or our Facebook page.

Extra! Our weekend in numbers :)

– 80 people

– 24 hours

– 1 tool

– 16 blog posts

– 8 case studies with 6 infographics 

– 2 e-books

– 3 videos

– whole lot of photos on Instagram

– whole lot of posts on Facebook and Twitter

– 1 dog

– 232 coffee cups

– 463 sandwiches

– 127 plates of goulash


Marina Vnučec

Executive Assistant

Informal chess champion of the Degordian family. Loves dark chocolate, unconventional jokes, rock music and amateur acting. Dreams of traveling the world.

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