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With all that walking, Pokemon GO can be considered a fitness app. Add some lures to it and turn it into a fitness challenge. Gettin’ gains has never been more fun!

When it comes to getting stronger, we humans are exactly the same as Pokemon. We have to work out, and we have to work out hard. But let’s face it, most of the time we just don’t feel like going to the gym because working out really ain’t all that fun. If only there was some way to make training entertaining, then we’d all be going to the gym.

Well, there is, and it’s called Pokemon GO!

Now we know you all must be like: “Whaaat, you serious? How can a video game be used to get people to train more and go to the gym? That doesn’t make any sense!”

Actually, it does, but hold on, you’re not bunnies and we’re not frogs, so let’s not jump ahead. Let’s first start with the basic mechanisms of the app and then we’ll tell you how to use them to boost your fitness brand’s business.


In Pokemon GO, your main goal is to walk around the world and collect Pokemon. On your journey, you can visit Gyms and PokeStops – special locations scattered across the map where you can find items and stumble upon wandering Pokemon. This is where it gets interesting, you see, in the game, there’s a special item called lure, which boosts the amount of Pokemon that gather near a PokeStop for 30 minutes. You can choose which PokeStop would you like to enhance with lure and every player can see where lure has been cast because the location is specifically highlighted on the map.

OK, but how does that help your fitness brand?

Since everyone’s into Pokemon these days, you can use that and turn regular team workouts into real-world Pokemon-hunting challenges. Be creative and try to come up with different challenges that involve placing a lure on a distant PokeStop and your team trying to reach it in time, while at the same time trying to capture as many Pokemon as they can.

Here’s a quick overview on how to do it:

  1. Pick a PokeStop that’s a couple of kilometers away from your team
  2. Put a lure on said PokeStop and tell your team to start running
  3. The goal is simple – the faster your team member arrives to the PokeStop, the more time will he have to catch Pokemon until lure stops working
  4. When the lure reaches 0, break is done and it’s time for a new round
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until you’re all done with training

See, it’s an excellent way to work out, especially if your team’s goal is to get in shape or if you’re training them for long-distance running. It puts an entertainment factor into the entire process, and you know that sometimes a little bit of fun is all it takes to get you on your feet.

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