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Ivan Tušek

Head of Content & Creative Strategy

In order to provide innovative solutions, Account Managers need to know their clients before their clients know themselves.

An Account Manager is not an accountant. Although, when the sheet hits the fan, they have to be ready for it.

An Account Manager is responsible for the management of relationships with clients of a company or an agency. In other words, their main purpose within a company is to build and maintain tight and long term relationships with their clients. This is the main reason why every Account Manager exclusively manages a small group of assigned/acquired clients.

If you’re wondering what the word account in Account Manager means, it’s a company that regularly buys goods or services from another company.

What do Account Managers do in Degordian

We have the same task. We build relationships with our clients by providing them with solutions and results they seek, but make some tweaks to make them even better. These tweaks come from our early days.

Degordian started out five years ago as a studio company with only a handful of people. The business demanded that Account Managers had a variety of skills which are not usually attributed to the Account Manager position. They had to be proficient in everything related to digital marketing, such as Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Google Analytics etc. These skills enabled our Account Managers to get a better insight into their clients’ needs and develop digital strategies which correspond to the brand’s overall strategies.

Ivan Brozovic Account Manager

Today, the company culture remains the same. Account Managers get to know their clients through every campaign and every keyword, even though it is no longer their job to create and conduct ads campaigns or setup analytics. Since we’ve grown, there’s a department within a company for practically every aspect of the campaign we want to implement, but we still need to know a little bit about everything in order to offer the client what he needs, and more.

What Account Managers at Degordian need to do today is the creation and execution of digital marketing strategies that are both innovative and measurable for clients. How do we do that?

Build strategies, not campaigns

In order to provide clients with the innovative and up-to-date solutions to their problems, we need to know what our clients need better than they do, so to speak. Technology is changing rapidly and it is up to the agencies to stay ahead of the curve and provide the updated know-how to their clients. Of course, in cooperation with our clients, we conduct an analysis of their needs and based on that, creative and measurable solutions are created.

We, Account Managers, need to think strategically as we provide clients with innovative solutions that are attractive to the end users, while at the same time measurable, and in that way attractive to the clients.

Degordian Account Managers

The key characteristic of Degordian Account Managers is the ability to fully understand client’s business goals and create a strategy which will achieve those goals. We do this by cooperating with clients to analyse their needs and offer solutions we find best for them. Only then are we able to be in the position to establish a tight, long term bond with their clients. Only then can we start talking about strategies and stop talking about campaigns. Because for too long have the companies focused only on campaigns instead of strategies. When the right strategy is developed, the right campaigns can be developed.

What makes a good Account Manager

As a digital performance agency, we at Degordian insist on measurement and ROI (return on investment) for all of our clients, but keeping innovation and creativity of strategies in mind.

Without creativity, your business is doomed to mediocrity. That’s why Account Managers in digital marketing need to constantly educate themselves and seek new solutions for their clients, while providing digital strategies which correspond to companies’ overall marketing strategies. Because of that, self-education, communication, the ability to „translate“ from a client’s language to a developer’s language and project management, are some of the skills that make up the Account Managers in Degordian. Continuous use of new technology and measurement tools enable creation of interesting new strategies for our clients.

Our goal is to ultimately achieve the clients’ marketing and sales goals with well worked out strategies. Feel free to check out our work and contact us!


Ivan Tušek

Head of Content & Creative Strategy

Movie buff, basketball fan and self-proclaimed funny guy. Enjoys working on storyboards, creative concepts and marketing strategies.

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