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Besides having a ton of Degordians in the team, we also prepared a special place for the winner of our Sponge: Student Dev Quest, Marko Kruljac, also known as the Kru.

Kru dominated the tasks we put in front of him during the Sponge, so it wasn’t really a surprise that he wholeheartedly accepted our invitation to put his mental and physical limits to the test. As our adventure is nearing its end, we managed to pull Kru away from the code to hear his side of the Startup story.

What do you think of our Startup in 24h project?

If I compare it to Sponge, this is something completely different because I never had a chance to be a part of something like this. This is all so very new to me. The idea to create an entire product from scratch in just 24 hours is just extraordinary.

What are you working on right now?

I am a student of Faculty of Electrotechnics, so it’s natural for me to be a part of the development team. I am currently working on a plug-in for Outlook which will be used to identify anonymous users. That is basically the point of the entire tool, matching offline and online activities. At first it was a little bit chaotic, but I managed to put everything under control and I’m getting really close to my goal. I believe that we’ll beat the clock and achieve our mission.

Brainstorming in the marketing team

How do they treat you in development?

Oh yeah, everything is great! There haven’t been any pranks yet and I didn’t have to sing anything, so yeah, it’s OK.

What would you say are the main benefits of participating in this project?

Well, I am certain that in the future I’ll be functioning a lot better in 4 o’clock in the morning. Just kidding, this is like a giant teambuilding, you get to know and work with people you never met before. You get the chance to develope an entire project in 24 hours, which would usually took more than a month in a normal scenario.

Would you recommend it to other students?

Even though this really is an extreme test of one’s limits on real tasks, I would certainly recommend it!

Kru proved to be as passionate and as curious as the rest of us, while at the same time being able the tackle the most difficult of tasks under pressure. Those are the characteristics of true Degordians! :)




This practical joker and a performance oriented professional is named after an ancient legend. Loves trying out new things and works hard to make you curious.

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