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Daniel Ackermann


When Tomislav and I started iSTUDIO, we never even dreamed we would grow into a large company with offices outside Croatia.

We just started a business and wanted to work and didn’t think 6 months in advance, especially not 5 years in advance. Today, we have 50+ employees and 3 international offices and our plan is to further expand internationally.

Unfortunately, our big plans brought along some big problems. Going international requires a distinct identity, a recognizable message and an unforgettable name.
We on the other hand, were often confused as a part of Apple and our name was far from unique. There are hundreds of companies named iSTUDIO including Apple resellers, hostess renting companies and even other digital agencies. We also didn´t have a .com domain which presents a big problem for a multinational company.
All these reasons left us no choice- it was time for rebranding.

To make this rebranding outcome a successful one, we knew we needed some expert help, so we teamed up with the great crew from Brandoctor and Bruketa & Žinić. They helped us find a name that embodies all of these features:

  1. Available .com domain
  2. Available trademark
  3. Internationally recognizable without questionable translations in different languages
  4. Something we could identify with

Letting go of iSTUDIO

The process took more time than we expected but it gave us great results!
Brandoctor´s analysis started by interviewing most of the employees to see how we see ourselves as an agency and a community. The results gave us clearer vision of our identity and our unique selling propositions. Not that we weren’t aware of it, but they simply helped us distinguish our true personality.
And then came the fun part, choosing a new name. iSTUDIO has been a part of us for such a long time and at first it was hard to leave it behind. Eventually we realized that no name would sound right if we didn´t let go of the old one. Finally, Brandoctor came to us with a name we instantly loved – Degordian. Our new slogan and visual identity perfectly captured our spirit. Here’s how it all looks:

Degordian - slogan and visual identity

Our new slogan and visual identity.

What does this change mean for the company and our clients?

The heart of the company remains the same, we´re not changing our strategy or our people. We will continue to grow, learn and acquire even more knowledge to best benefit our clients and partners.We have already come a long way from a social media agency we started as, but are still mostly perceived as one. This rebranding will help us transition from a social media agency to a full service performance oriented one. All the different markets we will be expanding to will give us a chance to be on top of trends in digital marketing, analyze the competition´s work and implement all we have learned into our own work.

Accordingly, we´re hiring more and more people. In the past, it was important to have people who were knowledgeable in all fields of digital, but now we´re looking for more particular knowledge. We already have 20 different experts specialized in a specific area and expect this number to grow.

And that´s it, an end of a chapter and a beginning of a new one. We´re really looking forward to our future as Degordian.


Daniel Ackermann


Performance oriented CEO with a strong sense for numbers and statistics, especially when it comes to measuring his employees' level of satisfaction. Loves spicy food and believes in lifelong learning.

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We'll be writing more about our experiences which we gained through rebranding so stay tuned. :)

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