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It's easy to see why everyone can admit that inOrbit conference is no longer one of Slovenia's best kept secrets and how one would be hard pressed to find digital marketing conferences throughout whole Central Europe that show more potential.

It quickly rose through the ranks from a small conference to a regional powerhouse, and a place to be for everyone interested in inbound marketing, web analytics, SEO, growth hacking and CRO. And so, it surprised nobody that it came back with a bang – bigger, better and more organized than ever before. Last week's inOrbit was the best one to date. Held in the picturesque seaside city of Portorož in the grandiose ambience of the Grand Hotel Bernardin, inOrbit 2018 continued the established tradition of offering top-notch, evidence-based, advice to marketers trying to positively impact business results. From heatmaps to SEO, from growth hacking to analytics segmentation; this year's inOrbit had it all, seasoned with a pinch of ambience and a bunchload of fun. Here are some of the main takeaways.


Although last year's inOrbit was a lot more analytics-centered with some of the industry giants on the stage, this year's edition didn't disappoint. Talks were a tad bit less technical, with a stronger emphasis on the importance of data collection. Before consumers even start converting, we need to be sure that we define and structure our tracking in order to achieve and get better insights into the lifecycle of a successful product. Here's where Hendrik Lennarz of Growth Hacking Academy came into play with a lecture on a well-known AARRR framework that helped dozens of startups reach their business goals. It highlighted just how important it is to have relevant data to make better business decisions, why is it important to think like a T-shaped marketer, why individuals should think like startups do and why to focus on a single channel that works in order to reach those precious 'eureka' moments.


The 'data maestro' award of the conference goes to Simon Belak of Metabase. With his strong emphasis on statistics, non-biased interpretation of data and the importance of data segmentation, Simon had a lot to say about data that we, as digital marketers, gather on a daily basis and use as foundation for further activities. There are always more angles of observation, and Simon Belak showed us why we need to look on things from another angle when we have the same mean, variance or correlation but different interpretations of data. We want more of Mr. Belak at inOrbit 2019.


One of inOrbit's strongest points is the heavy emphasis on growth hacking and, more specifically, Conversion Rate Optimization. This year was no exception. Clicktale's Liraz Margalit has shown some amazing insights into their user behaviour tests which show various categories of browsing behaviour, based on visitors' investment in the content that's being browsed. Hotjar's Fio Dossetto has shown how Hotjar uses their feedback functionality to gather visitor feedback and use that data to improve visitor satisfaction and UX. Leonardo Saroni from showcased how they uses A/B/n testing throughout the years to improve their service, and drastically increase the number and the quality of their conversions. All in all, for all those looking for experiment ideas, inOrbit delivered as usual.


As anyone who has seen more than zero SEO conferences can tell you – there are a few things more frustrating than a presentation claiming that 'SEO is dead'. To our utmost delight, inOrbit didn't have a single presentation claiming the premature death of SEO. However, it did have a plethora of useful SEO tips & tricks, highlighting the importance of CRO-like approach to experimentation with your SEO strategy. Judith Lewis delivered as usual, offering a variety of link building advice and Marcus Tandler did the impossible and went through more than 200 slides in 25 minutes, highlighting some of the upcoming SEO trends that you need to keep an eye on if you wish to succeed in the digital landscape of future.


inOrbit seems to be in a great shape and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. As THE premier regional leader when it comes to growth, web optimization and web analytics, it has become a place to be for everyone involved in using multifaceted approach to digital marketing. Each year, they have shown a great tendency to learn and improve, both in terms of organization and the quality of content. There has been a huge gap in this area as a majority of regional conferences have been rather light in terms of content with most of them having networking-based nature at their core. inOrbit is different – the organizers have clearly shown that they want to give people actionable advice, concrete insights and the bigger picture. Let's hope that inOrbit 2019 does the same, and then some more.

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