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Degordian team pushes boundaries in an attempt to achieve the impossible and make something unique that can leave a mark. We always want to achieve more, but the time and resources stopped us, so we hacked them. Sort of. :)

The idea of ‘Startup in 24h’

Due to the lack of time during the working hours, as well as team dispersion, we wanted to gather all our forces at one place, so the idea of a ‘Startup in 24h’ was born! That concept allows us to fully focus on the complete development of a startup –  from the idea, business model, development and design to the communication plan and advertising!

With this idea we wanted to show that with the resources we have as a digital agency, as well as with the skills and knowledge of our team, we are capable to develop the whole product in just one day! First year is behind us and this year we are more ready and more eager. :)

‘Startup in 24h’ community

Second year of this project brought one more idea – spreading the project and making the community based on the concept, to include all companies and organizations with the resources and possibilities to implement ‘Startup in24h’. Digital agencies, as well as startup communities, coworking spaces and different associations can accept this challenge and develop the whole product in limited time.

Bulgarian music label already joined us by making а song, recording videos, as well as doing a live performance and releasing a digital song. So, it’s possible and the only thing standing between the idea and realization is the plan!

Startup in 24h

People are the key

First, the motivation line must be set and our was – ‘Better done, than perfect!’. Connected with a passion for pushing the limits, 80 Degordians can make a miracle, but in just 24 hours we must do the best we can. Every one of us reminded others that the most important thing is to give the best we can, and that support and faith we had in each other was the force that pushed us forward. It brought us closer as a team in a way that no teambuilding or causal coffee can do!

In order to successfully achieve a task we prepared a flawless schedule and a plan. Teams are created based on their interest and skills, because we believe that everyone of us will put everything he or she has into this project so it’s important they do something they like.

Why make a startup in 24 hours

It might seem as a crazy idea and we already heard that ‘What?’ along with funny face expressions, but we honestly believe that we are able to push all boundaries if we do something we like.

If you have a great idea for a startup, but not enough time because of other obligations or you just don’t know how to start, take 24 hours and do the best you can! It’ might not be perfect or the best solution, but you will have the foundation on which you can build your story and possibly your future!

The day after is dizzy and tiredness could take you over, but the satisfaction and the rush you will get when you see your projects is just – priceless!

Don’t hesitate to join our community, check our blogs and find inspiration!

Remember, done is better than perfect. ;)




This practical joker and a performance oriented professional is named after an ancient legend. Loves trying out new things and works hard to make you curious.

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