How to organize a webinar

At Socialpuzzle, we are always trying new channels of promotion and placement for our product. That’s why we started organizing webinars, which proved to be a very useful for us, as well as for our audience. It turned out to be a great and low cost channel to collect quality leads, increase awareness, achieve better conversions and position ourselves as an educator.

Here are some insight from our experience.

1. Settle on a topic

Choose a subject that most attendees (your target group) will find useful and interesting. Tell them something old, something new, make a connection to your product or service and include examples of different situations and industries.
Not all your topics need to be sales oriented, sometimes it’s just important for a topic to be relevant to your target. We had a webinar about digital trends in 2015, it didn’t directly sell our product, but it answered a lot of our clients’ questions and gave them a bigger understanding of the field which consequently made our business cooperation a lot easier.

2. Keep it under 30 minutes

Most of us in this business have very little free time during our workday and it’s the same with our audience. Seeing that most webinars are organized during work hours, taking a 30 minute break for learning something new is reasonable.
A 30 minute presentation might seem short, but that time frame gives you plenty of time to share key information, present your product or service and satisfy all the elements of the presentation.

3. Use software to your advantage

Choosing a software is extremely important for the success of a webinar. We use GoToMeeting and are very satisfied.
Starting with some basic features as video and audio recording, chatting with attendees, sending surveys and great reporting, most softwares include automatic reminders to the registered participants (day before and one hour before webinar), so they don’t forget to attend and it also offers them to add webinar to their calendar.
Another reason to be smart about the software you’re using is that they’re a great tool for collecting leads. When users register for your webinar, be sure to ask them for additional data like email addresses, phone numbers or their position in their company.
You can use the collected data to achieve your marketing and sales goals. For example, you can inform them about future webinars with the topic they might be interested in or send some special offers to their company.

4. Adjust the day and time to your audience

Day of the week and time of the day will depend on your target audience.
If you’re looking to have an audience of sales people, you shouldn’t even think about holding a webinar in the morning hours because they have scheduled meetings or phone calls with clients.
Since our audience are mostly marketing people we always aim to pick a time frame during which they are near their computers and available to hear what we have to say.
We tried different days of the week and Thursdays proved to be the best choice according to the webinar attendance number.
Also, don’t forget about the time zones if your audience is from another country!

5. Promote it

No point in holding a webinar if no one knows about it, so start advertising one week before the webinar.
Think about the channels that proved successful for you till now, and don’t hesitate to try out new ones.
We use newsletters and direct emails for closest clients and leads that showed interest in the webinar topics. Also, social media channels like Facebook or special groups on those channels can be very effective.

6. Listen to your audience

At the end of the webinar, invite all attendees to ask questions and comment. It will give you an opportunity to see what they are interested in and what they see as their business problems. Also, questions can give you ideas for future webinars! :)
Our first webinar had only a few questions, but later on we started to receive comments on the content we were presenting, positive feedback and more personal interaction. That’s a great sign you are doing a great job at developing your position as a consultant and educator. It’s a great conversation starter with potential clients and it makes them feel more at ease in contacting you later on.
Automatic survey of three questions is another way of getting insights about the satisfaction with your webinar or sales leads. Ask attendees was the topic interesting, would they recommend you to friends or ask them about their companies. It will be a great pointer of what to do next. Besides that, you can find out more about your attendees, if they are good leads for you to contact, if they have available budgets or what they think about your product or services.

7. Make materials accessible later on

Sometimes not all interested people will be in position to attend, but they will be asking for a video, presentation or other materials. Make sure you send an email to all registered with important links, presentation and information about where to find out more about you and what you have to offer.

8. Track success

As any other marketing activity, you have to have expectations from your investment in webinars. It takes some time to prepare the content and organize webinar and it also requires a certain budget for advertising, so set a purpose or a goal in marketing terms.
No matter if your goal is to collect leads, sell or just build awareness and position your company as an expert, you don’t want to have 10 registered users. Have in mind that not all of the registered users will show up, normally attendance rate is around 30%, so set number of registrants, achieve it, and then optimise spendings.
At the same time think about the ROI and track how many leads you got and did you seal some business deal thanks to the webinar.

Take a look at Socialpuzzle YouTube channel where all our webinars are public and learn something new!



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