How to become a part of our big family?

Ana Ćuro

HR & Process Manager

If you ever wondered what it takes to get a job at Degordian here are a few tips from our Human Resources Team.

Be sure you want to work at Degordian and most importantly know why

The first and most important question you have to ask yourself is why do you want to work here? Figure out what is it about this company that makes you want to work right here and not anywhere else. Analyze your motivation and describe your reasons for wanting to be a part of Degordian. OK, the atmosphere is really cool, but what does Degordian represent that you find appealing and can identify yourself with the most. Try to figure out what we have in common and why should the chemistry between us work. Any employer will tell you how important motivation is as it´s one of the key indicators of whether you´ll be happy and productive at doing your job.

Gather as much information as possible about your desired job opening

Once you’ve figured out why you want to work with us, tell us which position you are interested in and why. Every day we receive many inquiries about job openings. You will do us a huge favour if you go to our website and check out the current job openings. If we don’t have a job opening at the moment, take a look at the rest of our job descriptions. Soon we’ll be launching a cool new website and you’ll have even more information. Bottom line – go through our website, talk to our employees, ask around, drop us an e-mail. We’ll be happy to help with identifying what is the best position for you based on your skills and experience.

Prepare a killer application that demonstrates your motivation and skills

We´re a young company and we like new and different things, so impress us with your application. Why should we pay attention to your request if it’s the same as 50 others? OK, we will for sure because we go through and reply to each job inquiry, but let’s make it fun and unique! :) Show us your motivation and uniqueness by preparing a video, a presentation or a song. The more different it is, the more special it is. Of course, keep in mind to list all of your skills and experiences and make sure you connect them with the qualifications the job entails. If you’re a developer or a designer make sure you send us some examples of your work. Help us see why you are the best person for the position.

Take an active part in the selection process

Once we’ve screened your application there’s a good chance you’ll be invited to a job interview. Our job interviews are quite pleasant. We always make sure candidates feel comfortable so that they can present themselves in the best way possible. The first interview might be with an HR person and the team leader. We try to find out what is your motivation, experience, skills and knowledge. Somewhere after the first interview you could receive a specific assignment where you can show your skills – it could be an online, work-at-home or during an interview assignment. The second interview might be a bit more specific and structured. Now, if you got this far you have a pretty good chance to get the job! :) Here we really want to get to know you – what are your expectations about work, career progress, from your team and superior, your team experience and so on. As we try to get to know you during these interviews, you should try to get to know us as well. After all, this might be your second home soon. Just ask. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

Keep a positive attitude :)

Selection processes tend to be stressful. We do our best to make you feel like you’re in a good place but a part of it is up to you. Try to truly identify with the company and the position you applied for. Keep a positive attitude about getting this job or any job you’re interested in for that matter. In the end, if you don’t get the job try to learn from the experience. Ask for feedback, try to take in everything you get back as feedback and start learning from it. Even if you’re not a fully skilled digital marketing expert or a UX web designer, try to study about this areas yourself. Learn from the internet, from sites that offer specific education, webinars and tutorials. Educate yourself into an expert. If you didn’t get this job maybe there’s another position which would suit you better. We´ve had a few examples of candidates who after a period of time, were selected for a different position. And remember – staying positive will help you accomplish all of your goals!


Ana Ćuro

HR & Process Manager

A life enthusiast who enjoys discovering new tools that help further personal growth. Believes that lifelong learning, positive attitude and an empathic approach to life are key for building happy relationships.

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Andrej Kovačević

Thank you Ana for this great post. It really helped me while preparing to apply for the postion of Project Manager.

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