Holiday story: Socialpuzzle teamed up with SOS Children Village Croatia

Verica Katić

Content Strategist

This Holidays our team wanted to do something special and brighten someone’s Christmas!

SOS Children’s Village Croatia was our first choice because of the great work they do every day, luckily for us they said yes! SOS Children’s Village Croatia care for orphans and children without adequate parental care providing them with love and security in the family environment. With the care of their families in the Villages (Ladimirovci and Lekenik) children learn how to be active members of society. That is something we admire very strongly and can’t imagine choosing a better organization to team up with.

SOS Children’s Village Croatia provided a list of household items the needed the most this Holidays and the rest was on us. The end goal was to raise as much as we could and ensure the families a carefree Christmas.

Our team contacted the press so we could reach the biggest audience possible. Netokracija and helped us in our cause and supported it with publishing the stories, we want to thank them because of that. You can see the article from Netokracija and from by clicking on the link. In the second phase, newsletters, Facebook Page, apps and ads were utilized. We sent out newsletters, designed the Page cover photo with a call to action, promoted our posts and showcased all the items we wanted to gather by Christmas using our Contact app for Facebook.

Everyone who donated something from the list got a free Giveaway app. As a bonus, percentage of every Socialpuzzle app that’s purchased in December went to SOS Children’s Village Croatia.

Users responded great to the whole campaign and we’re very thankful because of that. Our users are wonderful! The whole iSTUDIO team gathered a lot of household supplies as well, which was a very bonding experience. Items gift-wrapped and delivered to the SOS Children’s Village. We know they will be put to good and valuable use, as is their work on a daily basis.

Our whole team feels very blessed to be able to work in the industry we love most at a every day, it’s a great time in the digital world, and was a great feeling to use our professional skills for a greater cause. Finding a cause you’re passionate about and to reach out is the most rewarding experience and a great way to end the year.

If you’re interested in the work the SOS Children’s Village Croatia further and want to be informed about their events, join their Club of Friends and see how you can help.



Verica Katić

Content Strategist

Co-Founder of socialgood project Cipele46. Believes that tech and storytelling are 21st century superpowers. Happy everyday to explore both @Degordian.

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