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Mario Šimić

Digital designer

How the process of applying for a job at Degordian looks like from a perspective of a candidate that got a job? This blog post will give you a deeper insight if you’re seeking opportunities for professional and personal growth (and fun). :)

About six months ago, I saw a message on my LinkedIn profile – a call for a job interview at Degordian! I was very excited as my dream was to work in a company that has a strong learning and forward-thinking culture, just like Degordian.

Although it didn’t guarantee anything, it felt great that someone took the time to find my contact info and reach me. It turned out that the guys from the design department at Degordian noticed my work at the UX workshop a few months earlier.

What’s the back story? Read on to find out how I got to where I am now – an employee of Degordian.

Network as much as possible

If people know what you’re passionate about, chances are they are going to keep that in mind and remember you when the time is right.

Also, the sole purpose of networking shouldn’t just be seeking out potential job opportunities. Various workshops and meetups are a great opportunity to learn new things and share experiences over a cold beer and free Wi-Fi.

If meetups/workshops are not an option for you (not the “mingle” type?), you can always join online communities where you can find people that share your passion and interest.

Nowadays, it’s possible to find an online community for everything, whether it’s related to design, programming, marketing, business in general or something else. If there isn’t one, you can create your own! :)

Do your research

As soon as I was contacted by the guys from Degordian, the first step was to do my research.

Visiting the company’s website is a ‘must do’ when applying for a job, so I did that even though I was familiar with Degordian’s work. Also, it’s important to know whether your new job will be a good fit for you and vice versa. Read about the company’s culture, explore their social network profiles (like Facebook or Twitter), find PR articles and you’ll learn a lot about the company. Degordian HR department actually wrote a blog post on employing new people, so be sure to check it out.
As a designer, it was wery important for me to get to know more about Degordian design projects, so I thoroughly examined Degordian’s Behance and Dribbble profile. Try to develop your own opinion on the showcased projects as that reveals your perspective and shows that you’re genuinely interested in it.

The next step was applying for the job and defining the time of the interview. I won’t hold back – I was very very excited about that. :)

Show them what you’re made of

My first interview wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be. The whole experience felt like a lighthearted talk over a cup of coffee. The only difference was that every person in the room was listening very carefully.

My advice is that you shouldn’t be too self-conscious and remember that the purpose of the first interview is to let everybody get to know you, so show your enthusiasm. You should know why you think Degordian is a good fit for you and make sure you have well defined expectations from this job.

Be honest when answering questions as they’re there for the interviewers to get to know you better. Here at Degordian, current knowledge is appreciated, but the potential you show is also very important. So don’t be embarrased if you don’t know the answer to some technical question. You can always show how you would get the answer if you don’t know one. It’s the mindset that counts.

Make an extra effort

After the initial interview, I was given an assignment to design a tool that will enable users to publish multimedia posts organized in various user defined groups that can be followed.
Users had options to follow others and to filter posts they want to see (the actual brief was far more detailed, description is kept short for the sake of brevity).

I started with the methodology research and planning of the application. Since I figured I was going to spend some time doing this assignment, the smart thing was to research a viable process that could produce results faster.

I put all user tasks on a paper in a form of simple sentences. Writing it all down helped me define user flow through the interface which resulted in 19 distinct user flows that were wireframed and had all the required elements. At this moment I realized how complex this assignment really is.
I stared at a ten page .pdf document full of black and white boxes, lines and words.

This helped me to get a clearer picture of what I wanted to present. After that, it was all about converting parts of the User Interface (UI) to a more visually pleasing form. Having my wireframes in mind, I started to visually shape the UI which proved surprisingly easy, which made me confident that my design had good foundations.

The point of this assignment was to show a way of thinking, not necessarily the deliverables I can provide. However, just to be sure, I really wanted to stand out, so I put a lot of effort into it. Finally, I packed all the materials in an e-mail and sent them.

Soon, I got invited for a next interview during which we discussed how I’ve solved my assignment. Sure, there were things that could be improved, but I got a genuine feeling that I was on the right track.

After another interview, this time with the CEO, I was pretty sure that everything went well. I just had that ‘right’ feeling.

Few days later, my phone rang.

I got the job! :)

Anything else?

Although the selection process changed a bit since I got here, all candidates go through a similar process.

Any more advices? Well, a properly formatted and spell-checked CV is always a plus. Don’t forget to ask questions because a job interview is all about two-way communication.

Have you checked our currently open job positions?

If your desired job position is currently not open, don’t hesitate to send an open job application at If you’re looking for an internship with lots of learning opportunities, contact Degordian at

Other than that, feel free to be curious. :)


Mario Šimić

Digital designer

Degordian's UI/UX Designer. He lives his dream by combining technology with design and creating cool interactive experiences. Likes terrible puns.

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