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Lucija Fileš

The good old “25-35-35” AdWords era has almost come to an end. Let’s take a look at what the new successors are bringing to the table.

ETAs are the new generation of the standard AdWords text ads. They are 47% “bigger” than the old ones, and if you want to increase your presence and performance across devices – adapt them fast!

Expanded vs Standard Text Ad

Forget the “25-35-35” formula you know and be ready for (a lot) more character space!

It’s best we take a look at a comparison between a standard text ad and the new expanded one.

Standard text ad


Expanded text ad


We want you to have a great start with all the new character counting so we prepared a template to help you along the way. All you need to do is write your eye-catching copies, and excel will do the rest! :)

What’s new, exactly?

One of ETAs’ main advantage is that they provide longer and more meaningful messaging. Let’s take a look at its novelties:


  1. Two headlines
    The second headline is concatenated to the first headline field, separated by a dash “-“.
    Note: On mobile, the combined headline fields may wrap to a second line or if your headlines exceed the number of pixels allocated to ads, Google will truncate your ad to save space.Vizual2
  2. More characters
    You now have a total of 140 characters of ad copy space to use. So, use it! :)
  3. Expanded description
    There is a single description line with a limit of 80 characters.
  4. URL customization
    The URL is calculated from the landing page and the you define the path fields.

Why is this change important?

More and more users tend to search for product and services via mobile devices. ETAs are optimized for the mobile-first world, which means that they are designed to maximize your presence in mobile search results. With a longer and clickable headline, your ads will probably be more visible and achieve better performance in terms of higher CTR!

When we talk about our experience with ETAs, we can say that our CTR increased. We achieved that result with the help of the longer, more meaningful and clickable headline, for sure!

How to create effective ETAs?

  1. Take full advantage of your character limits, because longer headlines increase the clickable space of your ads
  2. Focus on headlines – their quality will determine how well your ads perform
  3. Make second headline count – additional characters allow you to better explain you offer
  4. Leave your standard ads running until the new expanded versions perform
  5. Headline 1 is far more important than headline 2
  6. Insert keywords in the path 1 and path 2 field
  7. Write your ads to speak to users on all devices

If you are thinking – should my call to action be in the first or second headline, or maybe in the description? Test it! :)

What about standard text ads?

After the 31st of January, 2017 they will be gone! That means, you will no longer be able to create or edit them.

Good luck with creating your first ETA and, as always with all ads, take your time, optimize well and for faster campaign upload use excel!

If you want to know more or have a question about ETAs – don’t hesitate too much, ask us anything you’d like! :)


Lucija Fileš

Our wanderlust Digital Advertising Intern! When she's not travelling, you can find her in the office or somewhere in town where great food is enjoyed. Loves playing ping-pong and winning at it! ;)

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