Generating quality leads with low budget campaigns

Successful online campaign is not determined by the big budget, but rather with defined and measurable campaign’s goals.

Do you remember that awesome online campaign that didn’t have any connection to Facebook at all? Neither do we. :)

Facebook is nowadays a part of every digital strategy. It offers us tools and resources for campaign creation and optimization in order to reach our sales goals and generate quality leads. It represents one of the most demanding channels when it comes to terms of required involvement, or more specifically amount of invested time and money.

No matter what kind of marketing activities your brand conducts, it all comes down to analyzing sales results while aspiring to create optimized and successful online campaigns.

Define your final goals

Everything is sparkling and great if you’re a big brand with big budgets, but what if we told you it can be the same for the small ones?

There are two types of clients, the ones with big budgets and the ones without, but they both have the same end goal – great results! Unfortunately, the idea of “result” is mostly understood very casually. In order to achieve your desired goal, first thing you have to do is define them in exact figures.

There are a lot of ways to define and measure your campaigns success, and here are some examples that can give you an idea about what can be measured:

  • Awareness is defined in number of views, reach or plays

  • Interaction is the number of users in apps, applied users, games played, votes, friends invited or registered users

  • Better engagement on page counts in number of likes, comments, posts or Talking About

  • Number of newsletter subscription, open rate or click rate

Knowing the numbers greatly helps us reaching your campaign results!

Budget is a subjective matter

In budget terms, we can divide application related campaigns in three categories: high end, middle budget and generic apps.

High end campaigns include complete digital strategy, apps and ads budget that aren’t only limited on Facebook as a medium. Most of the campaigns are located in the middle budget class, focusing greatly on communication while applying custom solutions with minimal budget invested.

Last, but not least, are low budget campaigns. This class is mainly in the generic campaigns domain although it still offers a great way to test your campaigns or target, get to know the possibilities as well as goals, despite being on a strictly limited or non-existent budget.

Our experience taught us that budget is a subjective matter. For small businesses any budget is too high until campaign produces results and shows that a positive ROI exists. Despite all the effort you might invest, those situations make us wonder if there’s life on pages between big expensive campaigns and can a little one squeeze through?

Everyone can convert fans

One of our products is Socialpuzzle, a set of customizable generic apps developed based on the feedback of our clients and their most requested apps, so we can easily track success of small budget campaigns.

Having a crystal clear goal is the keypoint of small campaigns. In our clients’ latest cases it’s clearly shown that it’s more important to know what your fans want than to have a big budget or to offer expensive prizes.

Coupon tab

We were thrilled when we realized that in only 3 days our client Mepas mall attracted more than 15.000 users on their Coupon tab. Every fourth visitor printed a coupon bringing the number of printed coupons to 4010. After a little research we found out that every 8th coupon was used, meaning that solely with this campaign and Coupon app Mepas Mall made more than 500 sales.

Mepas mall is our long lasting client and they used almost all of Socialpuzzle apps (Photo Contest, Giveaway, Voter, Form Builder Quiz). They were very successful because they understood the importance of connecting online and offline in order for their brand to succeed.

SP coupon case

Form Builder

One more interesting case that caught our attention was for Special hospital Sveta Katarina. Could you even imagine hospital having a successful campaign on Facebook?

They used a simple Form Builder app to gather valuable user (potential patient) information in order to convert them to patients.

With clear goal and optimized ads campaign in a little more than two months, the application had almost 1.500 visitors and got 68 requests for appointments. Average monthly ROI on this campaign was 50%, which means that on 1€ investment Hospital gets back 1,50€ only on appointments, where the possible future value of patients through therapies, surgeries and additional appointments hasn’t been calculated in.

Photo Contest

Of course it wouldn’t be right to mention success stories without mentioning our most popular app – Photo Contest.

Zoo city created a contest „ZOO City animal selfie“, asking their fans to take selfies with their pets and the best photo was rewarded with coupons for the ZOO city shop. The results exceeded everyone’s expectation – two weeks of Facebook ads brought in 5185 visits, more than 700 uploaded photos and more than 3500 votes.

With this campaign, ZOO City’s Facebook page has grown from 33,664 fans to more than 35,500 fans and it still continues to grow. It took only two weeks for their reach of their posts to go from 18000 to an astonishing 263393!

SP photo contest

Mentioned examples didn’t even have any prizes for fans, no interest in increasing fan base and no idea about big branding. Clients just wanted to offer what they do best and everything else just followed.

In conclusion,  we’d like to say that it doesn’t matter if you’re a small brand with limited budget or a large one, an investment with a good idea can get you really far! Being a dormant brand won’t allow you to expand and reach your potential, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things, engage your fans and show them that you care!

Vernor Vinge said: “Even the largest avalanche is triggered by small things”, so look at the opportunities of Facebook application for your company and generate lead!


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